Chapter 52

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written by kakashi
edited by Panda

Mo Yuan woke up on his bed, Zhe Yan's worried face hovering above him. The God of War quickly closed his eyes again, even knowing there was no point in doing so. He wished for a few more moments of peace, but he was awake and that meant he had to face people like Zhe Yan, who would pry and question and tease and give opinions he did not want nor need.

"I see you're finally awake," the Old Phoenix said, no hint of teasing in his voice, there was only concern.

"Yes, I obviously am," Mo Yuan answered, opening his eyes anew.

"May I inquire about what in Pangu's name you were thinking?"

Mo Yuan sat up. "Too little," he replied and swung his legs out of his bed. Someone had undressed him down to his breeches and shirt. The peach blossoms on the table were withered, pitiful shriveled shadows of their previous glorious beauty. Shao Wan's gowns were no longer on the clothes stand in the corner. Mo Yuan silently thanked whoever had been this thoughtful.

"She could have killed you," Zhe Yan said, his voice serious, his brow furrowed, "you were in a critical state."

"She didn't kill me," Mo Yuan, stating the obvious, summoned one of his robes and started to get dressed. His arms ached. "Would you mind leaving me alone now? I am thankful for your concern, but I am rather busy."

"Mo Yuan...what happened?"

The God of War pressed his lips together. It was shameful. "Cheng Yin got the better of me. It's the first and the last time." He felt like cursing but that wouldn't change anything.

Mo Yuan got up and strode out into the hall. The truth was, he wasn't feeling well at all, but it was nothing a bit of meditation and one of Zhe Yan's special elixirs would not fix.

"And Shao Wan?"

"She's gone," Mo Yuan said, "and she will not come back."

Saying it out aloud was surprisingly easy.

"She found her Feather here," he explained after a few more steps and succeeding quite well in suppressing all emotions.

Zhe Yan stopped in his tracks, flabbergasted. "How..."

Mo Yuan stopped as well and turned back to him. "Is Cheng Yin known to use blood magic? My blood was on Shao Wan's feather. It must have been the reason I could not sense it before I unsealed her powers and it reacted to her."

Zhe Yan repeated: "How..."

"I do not know for sure how he got it here."

Zhe Yan looked extremely worried. "You know how important that Feather is to Shao Wan," he said, "it contains part of her soul."

"I know. I said she won't be coming back."

"Did you not defend yourself? She couldn't have believed-"

"Oh yes, she believed it immediately. I made a mistake. I misinterpreted..."

I offered her my heart and she did not want it. She never wanted it. Just like Si Yin never wanted it. I am glad she made me see that before I could fall for her...fall for her even more. I can close this book now and concentrate on what is important.

" was necessary to clarify things anyway. It is good the way it is. Things are indeed entirely clear now."

"Good?" Zhe Yan echoed. "But you two..."

"There is no debt between us."

"Should I get Si Yin?"

Mo Yuan stopped again. "Why would you get Si Yin?" he asked, puzzled.

"Xiaowu was always able to talk to you the best," Zhe Yan said.

Mo Yuan's eyebrows shot up. Now that was one of the oddest statements he had heard in a long time.

"The Crown Princess' place is in the Nine Heavens. She is welcome at Kunlun anytime if she misses her old school, but I would prefer no courtesy visits at all in the next days and weeks. I will take a few days to meditate, but after that-"

"Shao Wan will be in grave danger, alone in the Demon Realm. We should-"

"Do what you must but leave me out of it."

"But you..."

"She will go up against us, Zhe Yan, so be careful. Plus, she is extremely powerful now. I taught her how to control her powers. She can defend herself against Cheng Yin."

Her soft skin under his hands, the sweet moistness of her desire, the feeling of ecstasy that no Taoist practice could bring, the peace he felt when she was lying in his arms...he bit his lip and swallowed down the bitterness that rose in him like the spring tide.

Zhe Yan looked even more troubled now. "It sounds like you have a problem," he quietly said.

"Nothing I cannot handle," Mo Yuan brushed it aside, "where are my disciples? They must be quite worried about me. I need to assure them all is well."

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