Chapter 31b

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written by kakashi and panda

Shao Wan lightly traced patterns on Mo Yuan's chest, her fingers drumming quick beats as they moved. Taptap, taptaptap, taptap. It was the rhythm to a demon song that had suddenly come to her from the depth of her memories, a warrior's lament. Mo Yuan's chest fascinated her. It was crisscrossed with many scars of different sizes and shapes. She had expected some, but not so many.

"Celestial, how come you have so many scars? You could have made them disappear," she said as her finger lightly traced a prominent one just below his first rib.

"Getting rid of them defeats the purpose," he answered. "Every scar, whichever way attained, is a reminder to be better prepared next time."

"Ye Heavens, must you sound so pompous about the simplest things," she retorted huffily. She felt his mouth move into a smile against her head in response.

"Celestial, when we sparred back in school, I got in quite a few hits, didn't I."

She felt him stir and then he gestured to a faint scar on his clavicle. She sat up to look at it more closely and knew without a doubt that the scar had been inflicted by her whip. She had marked her enemies like this more times than she could count.

"I have many that are your doing," he quietly added.

"You really should have made them disappear," she said, tracing it with her hand while looking for others that looked like whip-marks.

"Did I not just tell you-"

"Yes, yes. You see them as lessons. I understand," she said shortly.

Why did she feel so discomfited that he wore her whip-marks on his body? They had been training and people got injuries all the time when they sparred. It was only natural the God of War would have scars. Yet, having marred his beautiful skin this way ... she hated it.

"Because we fight so much in the Demon Realm, we often use magic to remove scars."

"I find your ways interesting," he said, "gaining cultivation through fighting. It's so different from Celestial trials."

"You Celestials and your paltry trials," she said full of disdain, "we get physically stronger and keep our battle wits sharp while you go experience badly written heartbreak in the mortal realm. Pah! No wonder the average Celestial is so weak compared to us Demons - we annihilate your kind so easily."

"Luckily, I'm not your average Celestial," Mo Yuan said jokingly.

But she was quite worked up by now. "I cannot understand how your race has managed to dominate the realms for so long! Pompous fools dressed in fine clothes, stifled by nonsensical rules."

"Stop," he said sharply. "Woman, must everything be such a competition with you? All I said was I found your practices interesting. Please, let us not get into realm politics."

His voice grew gentle again as he rested his fingers on her face: "I am more interested in knowing you fully. Should I continue with my explorations?"

It was true, he was not an average Celestial. He was one of the most formidable opponents she had ever had and if he were a Demon, she would probably not have been able to become Demon Overlord. Shao Wan smiled at him and bent down to receive his kiss. Or we would have been Overlords together, she thought before she got lost in the kiss and what followed after.


"Shao Wan, are you still awake?" Mo Yuan whispered into her ear. He was dead tired, but this needed to be resolved.

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