Chapter 28

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written by kakashi, with inserts by Miniorchid

When Shao Wan woke up at Kunlun for the second time, she was less disoriented than the first time, but even more furious. She immediately remembered that Mo Yuan had brought her to this hell against her will. He had blindsided her on that mountain. She had been stupid enough to feel thrilled to fight with and not against him, but the first chance he got, he had betrayed her again.

She was incredibly weak because of his seal. At least, someone had healed her wounds. Also, the Celestial bastard had given her energy, quite a bit, but she did not owe him any debts for this, she decided, quite the opposite. She felt like she had gorged on sticky sweets and was soon going to be viciously sick. That she detected the faint smell of the fox woman in this room didn't help with her nausea.

Fuming and plotting what to do next, she stroked Fong Hung's tiny head. The Celestials had put him in a bowl with water next to her bed. There was a small, perfectly shaped lotus leaf in there, for him to sit on. They would not be able to mollify her with gestures like this.

Somebody knocked.

"Come in and I rip your head off," she said, much more softly then she had planned to. Even her voice was weak in this Celestial prison. The door opened and one of the white-clad boys cautiously put his head in. It was the one she had seen at the Festival, some kind of prince. She would never understand why a prince would choose to put on these horrid white clothes and run around chanting "Shifu, Shifu" instead of ensuring he became king soon.

"Venerated Goddess," he began, "would it please you to-"

"Where is he," she hissed, "bring me to him this very instant."

"Shifu is in seclusion," the prince murmured, "he is recuperating and is not to be disturbed. He told us to take care of your every need."

"I very much doubt that you could," she snapped. All those virginal boys in white, they made her very angry. When she had collapsed at the cave entrance, cradling Fong Hung's small form, they had milled around her like headless chicken in fright.

She had wanted to scream at them, but her voice had not complied. They had called their Shifu, powerless and cowardly creatures that they were, and he had taken her up into his arms and brought her back to this room, where he put her on the bed. She had tried to hit him, but she was too weak and he had simply caught her wrist in his hand and looked down at her.

"Rest," he said, "and heal."

She had lost consciousness afterwards, or he had made sure she did, cunning bastard that he was.

"We have brought you food, Shimu," said the white prince.

"Call me that again and I will tear you apart, hair for hair and limb for limb!" she screamed, outraged enough for it to come out halfway loud.

Behind him, a second head appeared. It was the other disciple she had met at the festival, one with a particularly morose expression. He was the one who had brought the message about Fong Hung, just when the Celestial Bastard had made his despicable intentions known.

Wife! Her! Of him! Killing him would not suffice to pay him back the insult.

The morose one entered the room with a tray in his hands, throwing her furtive glances. They were right to be afraid, she would murder them if she could.

The food he put before her was horrid. Pure, boring, bland, awful Celestial food. Just looking at it made her more nauseous. Eating it would make her throw up for good. She violently pushed away the tray and the dishes slid to the floor, splattering and soiling everything.

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