What You Need ~ Part 7 {Bambam FF}

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"You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time"

Summary: It's all fun and games until someone's feeling get's involved. Bambam known as the coolest kid in school made a bet to make the most unattractive girl into the it girl, the new popular girl. Will it happen? Will he succeed? Will she find out? Will feelings be developed between them too?

Swearing Involved


"Don't let her get to you. Just lift your head up high and let her get mad." Bambam says and you couldn't help but to smile... at least a little. Even though the night of the party didn't end up how you thought it would... Bambam was still by your side making you feel better and making sure you were okay.

You sat down on near by stairs and Bambam sat next to you.

"I guess." You said agreeing with Bambam and the both of you remained silent till Bambam catches you off guard complimenting you.

"By the way, tonight you looked really beautiful."

You looked at him and your heart was racing. The more he compliments you, the more you start liking him..



~A Week Later~

After the day of the party, things began to change even more. You didn't know whether the changes were negative or positive. Bambam and you would hang out every chance you had. The two of you practically became inseparable and to be honest you enjoyed his company. On top of that, Soylu and a couple of other Bambam's friends including Bambam himself started to sit with you at lunch. You were now friends with the cool kids... You never expected this day to ever come.

You've started to get noticed in school and getting random people you never even spoken to ever before say hi to you. This was all new. You hated attention but for some reason now something was different... And last but not least, Yugyeom and you stopped talking... You hated that Yugyeom completely cut you off. You tried to call him but he ignores you and leaves you on read... So it was clear that Yugyeom wanted nothing to do with you.

Things has been different... You don't know whether you like the new changes or not.. But you were just going to go with the flow until you see what happens..


"I swear sometimes I forget how old we really are," You giggled as you continued to lay down on your belly under the fort Bambam and you built with a bunch of blankets and pillows all around the two of you.

"There is nothing wrong about acting younger than your original age."

"That's very true." You smiled in agreement and you turned around laying on your back looking up at the blankets and smiled. Bambam made you feel comfortable, not only around him but made you feel comfortable in your own skin. He made you like who you are.

The more continued to hang out with Bambam, the more your crush on him continued to grow. You knew Bambam would never see you more than a friend and you tried so hard to ignore your feelings but it was hard. The attention Bambam was giving you was something you never ever received before...

"Movie time!" Bambam shouted cheerfully and you looked at him.

"Chick flick?"

"Ah no! Y/N you want me to die of boredom." Bambam groaned dramatically and you sat up and roll your eyes. Ah this boy can't make it through one chick flick without complaining.

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