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Epilogue ♡

❝'Cause all of me, loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges. All your perfect imperfections, give your all to me and I'll give my all to you.❞ - All Of Me by John Legend


“Marry me.”


“What?” I spluttered, shocked, staring down at Drew.


            “I love you so much and I decided a long time that I wanted to marry you and I know it’s selfish, but I just can’t stand being just your boyfriend anymore. I want to be your husband, again.” I laughed a little, wiping away the tears that I hadn’t even noticed were slipping out of my eyes. “So what do you say, do you want to become Mrs. O’Conner? Again,” Drew winked.




            It felt like almost a lifetime since Drew had proposed. It felt like almost a lifetime since Drew and I won The Newlywed Game when really, it had been only around a year. “What are you thinking about?” Elliot asked. “Wait, of course you’re thinking about Drew since you’re marrying him today!” She screamed.

            I laughed. “Sometimes, El, it seems like you’re more excited than I am.”

            “Of course I’m excited! April, you’re my best friend and you’re marrying your one true love!” Elliot squealed. I just smiled, shaking my head. Today was the day I had been preparing myself for months now.

            I was finally going to be Drew’s wife.

            Elliot helped me into my white dress and tears filled her eyes as she stared at me. “Don’t cry!”

            “You-you look so beautiful,” she babbled.

            “If you cry, I’ll probably start crying!” Elliot walked towards me and wrapped her arms around me, giving me a tight hug. “I’m so happy for you, you and Drew are perfect for each other.”

            Elliot and I were driven to the church in one car and the other bridesmaids in another car. “I’m so nervous, I feel like I’m going to throw up. What if he’s not there?” Elliot laughed. “What are you laughing about?” I practically shouted at her.

            “Drew is so excited to marry you, if it was up to him, you guys would’ve gotten married ages ago so shut up!” I had never been so nervous and scared about anything in my life. I wasn’t scared to marry Drew, I couldn’t wait to be his wife but I was scared about walking down that aisle.

            As soon as I stepped foot in the church and Drew and I’s eyes met, all my worries disappeared and all that mattered was that beautiful boy staring back at me.

                The ceremony passed swiftly and soon, we had signed a couple of papers and we were officially married. We then took photos and then got ready to walk into the reception.

            “How does it feel to be Mrs. O’Conner?” Drew asked me, kissing my temple.

            “Eh, it’s alright,” I teased.

            “Oh really?” Drew asked, raising his eyebrow.

            I pressed my body against Drew and kissed the corner of his lip. “No, it feels amazing.”

            “It feels amazing to be married to you, Baby.” I smiled. I knew that Drew would be the best husband ever and I’d never have any regrets in marrying him.

            I linked arms with Drew, as we were about to make our entrance in the reception. “Are you ready?”

            I grinned at Drew. “Yes.”

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS STORY IS FINISHED TO BE HONEST! ♥ There were times that I was going to delete this story and never finish it but I'm glad I did end up finishing it! I hope you liked reading about Drew and April because I enjoyed writing about them :) 

The prologue of my new story, I Met Him On Tumblr (a spin-off to I Met Him On Omegle) is up and I'll upload the first chapter of it next week! 

Thanks so much for reading, I love you all! :*

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