Baby I (11)

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Chapter 11: Baby I  ♡

 ❝When I try to explain it, I be sounding insane. The words don't ever come out right, I get all tongue tied and twisted, I can't explain what I'm feeling and I say baby, baby, baby, baby I❞ - Baby I by Ariana Grande

Week 3 - Day 17/Day 19


I placed my head on Drew’s shoulder, my eyes fluttering closed. I was exhausted for some reason but Lacy and Peter wanted to tell us all something so we were all sat in the living room. I guessed it was something big considering the fact that there were two cameramen waiting with us.

            “So, Peter and I found out something very exciting on Monday. We’re pregnant!”

            “Congratulations,” we all said. I could tell how excited Lacy was by the huge smile on her face.

            Someone asked how far along she was and Lacy answered, “I’m not too sure, I think around two months.” For around another hour everyone just spoke about babies and their pregnancy’s.

            “Do you want to have children?” Cho asked me.

            “I’d love to have kids, just not with Drew,” I joked.

            “You’re kids would be hot. Don’t you think, Ted?”

            “They’d be hot because of me,” Drew said. “So lets hope they don’t take after their mother.” I laughed and rolled my eyes. “I’m just kidding, Baby, I love you.” Drew kissed my cheek, sweetly.

            “What about you, Cho? You want any kids?”

            “I really do and Ted and I have been trying but I just don’t think it’s ever going to happen,” She said, sadly.

            “Well you’d make an amazing Mother, so keep trying.” Cho smiled at me and that was the end of that conversation because everyone had gone quiet because of Violet and Lisa’s arguing.

            “Yes, it does make you a slut! You want my husband!”

            Violet rolled her eyes. “Get over yourself, Lisa, your husbands not that hot.”

            “He’s much hotter than your husband,” Lisa replied, glaring holes into her.

            “I’m not going to bother with you, you’re obviously scared Oliver’s going to leave you but you need to get over it. I love my husband very much and I wouldn’t cheat on him, especially with someone like Oliver.” I could tell Oliver wanted to say something but instead he stayed quiet, so did Harry.

            Lisa stormed off leaving Oliver, meaning they had just lost the competition. Oliver ran after her, I wouldn’t have expected anything different. They were high school sweet hearts; they probably couldn’t live without each other.

            “Harry, we need to talk,” Violet said and practically dragged her husband away from all of us.

            “Well… that was something else,” Paul commented. “I haven’t seen a feud like that in a while.” We all laughed and Anastasia and Luke took that as their chance to leave the group. I was sure I wasn’t the only one who saw them leave but no one asked where they were going.

            “I’m just going to say it, if Oliver’s cheating on national television he’s pretty fucking dumb,” Jennifer said.

            “I don’t think he would, he adores her!” Lacy exclaimed. “He loves her, a lot, I can tell.” I wanted to ask how she could tell but I didn’t need to because she continued, “I can tell by the way he looks at her, like she’s the only person in the room.” I didn’t think Oliver was cheating on her either, not only because it seems like he loves her but because we have no privacy, even if he does cheat on her she would find out when they left the show.

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