Cold Coffee (8)

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Chapter 8: Cold Coffee  ♡

❝Tell me if I know, tell me if I do, tell me how to fall in love, the way you want me to, cos I love the way you wake me up. For goodness sake, will my love not be enough?❞ - Cold Coffee by Ed Sheeran 

Week 1 - Day 4/Day 7 

Week 2 - Day 8


We were all laughing at Jacob who had just been pushed into the pool by Jennifer, unexpectedly. Well when I say all of us I don’t mean Lisa and Violet who had over the past four days excluded themselves from all of us.

            “I don’t want to go in!” Lisa all but screamed at her husband who wanted her to go into the pool with him.

            “Just leave her alone,” Violet said. “She doesn’t want to get her hair wet!” I coughed, biting back a laugh but Jennifer didn’t even hide the fact that she was laughing. “What are you laughing at?” Violet barked. Over the past few days I had learnt that even Violet wasn’t perfect, she had flaws, she just hid them well.

            “You,” Jennifer simply said and turned her back to Violet. “I don’t know how I’m going to survive ten weeks in here with her. I’m probably going to kill myself before week two.”

            “You really don’t like her,” I commented. It was obvious that Violet and Jennifer didn’t like each other, since day one, I wasn’t sure exactly but the two were complete opposites.

            “Girls like Violet annoy the fuck out of me.” I cringed at her profanity. “Oh shit, we’re not allowed to swear. That’s probably the hardest thing to stop doing, I’ve never heard you swear.”

            “I don’t swear.”

            Jennifer started laughing then stopped. “Oh, you’re serious. Well, I guess that’s cool. We’re all different.” She looked at Violet and said, “Very different. My best friend used to be exactly like her and I just agh, I can not stand people like her.” I just nodded, not sure what to say.

Jennifer then left to go get a drink and I was standing there alone. Drew was in the pool, talking to a couple of the guys in the house and I just stood there, watching him. If we weren’t on The Newlywed Game I wouldn’t have allowed myself to, but we were supposed to be married so it was normal for me to stare at him, right? I loved the way Drew laughed, it was contagious and unlike any laugh I had heard.

            “Ah, I remember when Paul and I first got married,” the oldest lady in the house, Renee said and I smiled. “I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, I still can’t.”

            “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to keep my eyes off him.”

            “Your husband reminds me a lot of my son,” she said, smiling.

            “How olds your son?” I curiously asked.

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