Counting Stars (3)

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Chapter 3: Couting Stars ♡

Lately I been, I been losing sleep. Dreaming about the things that we could be. But baby, I been, I been prayin’ hard. Said no more counting dollars. We’ll be counting stars.❞ - Counting Stars by One Republic


“Elliot,” I groaned. “Stop laughing at me! Do I have to wear some professional? Like a long skirt or something?”

            Elliot continued laughing. “April, just wear jeans and I pretty top! You look fabulous in literally everything! Okay, put those black jeans on. You know which ones, the cute one that I just gave back to you.”

            “Okay, one second.” I slipped on the jeans and put my phone down. I was getting ready for the auditions for The Newlywed Game. My hair was straight and my make-up done lightly but I didn’t know what to wear. “Done.” Elliot had always been better than me with the whole fashion thing.

            “Okay, now you know that tight peachy top? The one that flows at the bottom? Put that on.”

            “Okay.” I threw all of my clothes everywhere looking for the top I knew she was talking about. She absolutely adored that top. “Thank you so much, El! I owe you big time!”

            “Have fun! Kiss him lots, that’s convincing.”

            “Oh, do you think I’ll have to kiss him?” I panicked. How awkward would that be! I didn’t want to need to kiss him but I knew if we got onto the show I would need to kiss him.

            “Maybe, hopefully.” I groaned. “Oh, April! Put that statement necklace on… the one I bought you. Bye!” With that, Elliot hanged up. I reached for the necklace, trusting her. I couldn’t stop thinking about needing to kiss Drew. It wasn’t like I had never kissed a guy before but wouldn’t that be weird?

            I started walking downstairs so I could wait for Drew outside. We had seen each other two times after the time at his house. We went to a classy restaurant the second time and the third time we went to the cinema. We had discussed things like where we met, what our first date was and our house and just stuff like that.

            Soon enough Drew parked in front of the apartment building. “Crap, you weren’t waiting for long were you?”

            I smiled. I had never met a guy as sweet as Drew. “Nah,” I shook my head and got into his car.

            “You ready for this?”

            I groaned, shaking my head. “No!”

            “It’ll be fine,” he smiled, warmly at me. I hope so Drew, I hope so, I thought to myself. “Uhm…” Drew scratched the back of his head nervously. “So… you need a ring and I had this one that my Aunt gave me and I just thought that it could be our wedding ring.” I was surprised. Stupidly I hadn’t even thought of needing a ring. Lucky Drew did. He pulled a small box out and opened it up. The ring was beautiful. It was a silver ring with diamonds running along the band of the ring and a larger diamond in the middle. “So, April Grace Wood, would you do me the honor and become my fake wife?”

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