Lucky Ones (1)

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Chapter 1: Lucky Ones

❝Every now and then, the stars align. Boy and girl meet by the great design. Could it be that you and me are the lucky ones?❞  - Lucky Ones by Lana Del Rey


I had always enjoyed walking place. I found it relaxing. So, because of that I had never really minded not owning a car. I had never really thought a lot about buying a car because of how expensive they were but at that moment, I wanted nothing but a car.


            It was pouring rain. Considering it was winter I should have prepared myself a bit more by bringing an umbrella but it had slipped my mind. Helplessly I traveled the streets of Sydney trying to find as much cover as I could. A taxi pulled up beside me.


            I noticed there was another passenger in the Taxi and groaned. “Ma’am, do you need a ride?” The man in the back seat yelled over the pounding rain.


            I shook my head, my pride getting the best of me. “No, I’m okay.”


            “Just get into the taxi.” It was probably not the smartest idea to get into a taxi with a strange man but I didn’t want to walk in the rain anymore so I got it.


            “Thank you,” I said. I finally got a glimpse of the stranger that I was now sat next to. He had the darkest brown eyes I had ever seen but I don’t think they could ever be mistaken as black. His hair had a sheen like fine hardwood and was lustrous. He smiled at me; his eyes crinkled at the corners, adding a sweet glimmer to his eyes.


            The stranger put his hand out and I shook his hand. “I’m Drew.”

            “I’m April,” I replied.

            “Pretty name.” I blushed looking down. “Where do you live?” I raised my eyebrow at him and he shook his head while laughing. “Unless you want to come home with me.” The flirting was making me uncomfortable not because I didn’t think Drew was attractive or anything but because nobody ever flirted with me. I told the Taxi driver my address and he started driving. We all sat in an awkward silence until the Taxi driver put the volume of the radio up.


            “Auditions for the new TV show ‘The Newlywed Game’ are on Monday the 22nd to the 24th. For more details check out channel 7’s website,” the airhost said.

            “I’m really excited about this one, Rob. 10 newlywed couples are going to be put inside a house and the last standing couple wins 250, 000 dollars. If I just got married I would audition in a heartbeat.” I imagined how amazing it would be to win 250 000 dollars, that would be amazing.

            “Aye,” the taxi driver said. “You two should audition for it.”


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