Faster (5)

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Chapter 5: Faster ♡

❝Cause I jump back, crash. I crawl, I beg, I steal. I follow you. Yeah, you own me and you make my heart beat faster.❞ - Faster by Matt Nathanson


“My, my, my! You’re so beautiful, dear. I wish you were really married to my son. He needs a girl like you to take care of him. I swear every time I see him, he gets thinner and thinner.” Drew’s Mum was something else. She was a chirpy lady in her late 40s with short blonde hair and Drew’s big hazel eyes.

            As soon as I met the lady, all my nerves had disappeared. I hadn’t met his Dad or brothers or sister yet. Drew’s Mum, Sandra had gone to go get Drew’s younger brother and sister. Before telling his parents about our ‘marriage’, Drew had made sure it was okay with me if he told his family the truth. From what I understood, they were very close.

            A young boy who I had learnt was 13 came running down the stairs and Sandra ran after him. “Liam! We’ve talked about this!”

            Liam secretly rolled his eyes. “I know, Mum. It won’t happen again.” He then turned to his brother and they fist pumped. Liam looked like a mini Drew. With the same curly brown hair and brown eyes.

            “Liam, this is April, my friend.”

            “Yeah right,” Liam scoffed. “I’m sure she’s your friend.” I blushed. Liam’s twin, Annabelle came walking down the stairs with her phone in her hand, texting away. She was stunning, with long brown hair and green eyes. She ran to her brother, hugging him and Drew kissed her forehead.

            “Hey Belle! I missed you!”

            “I missed you too. You don’t come over enough,” she pouted then turned to me and asked, “Who are you? Are you Drew’s girlfriend?”

            I laughed, shaking my head. “No, I’m April, his friend.”

            “April and I are pretending to be married for a TV show,” Drew informed his brother and sister. “So, no matter what you can’t tell anybody that we’re not really married.” The twins didn’t care too much. Soon Liam was playing PlayStation and Annabelle was on her phone. Drew was also playing PlayStation with his brother so I was sitting with his Mum.

            “You two would make a cute couple,” She commented.

            I laughed, nervously. “Uhm… thank you?”

            “Drew never brings girls home. He’s never really been in a serious relationship well except for when he was in High School and-”

            “Mum, please stop talking,” Drew hissed. By then            I was too interested in who he was in a serious relationship with and what happened. It wasn’t my place to ask any questions about her and so, I didn’t. To change the subject, Drew asked, “Where’s Dad and Jacob?”

            “Dad will be coming in an hour and I’m not sure where Jacob is. I think he needs to pick up Char and Peter.” Jacob, Drew’s older brother came in around fifteen minutes with his two young children and wife. He was a nice, attractive man who looked like Drew. His wife, Renee was a lady with short black hair and bright blue eyes. She was gorgeous and fascinated by the fact that Drew and I were pretending to be married.

            “Have you ever been married? I mean, if you got into the show you must know what you’re doing.”

            “I haven’t. Drew pretty much did everything and I just went along with it.” Carelessly, Drew threw his arm over my shoulder.

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