Space Bound (2)

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Chapter 2: Space Bound ♡

❝We touch, I feel a rush. We clutch, it isn't much but it's enough to make me wonder what's in store for us. It's lust, it's torturous.❞ - Space Bound by Eminem


I imagined my life ten years from now. I probably wouldn’t remember what I did on that one cold day when I was 21. That one thought was the only thing that made me knock on Drew’s door.

            I waited impatiently in front of his apartment door. Saying I was nervous would be the understatement of the year. Drew soon answered the door with a huge smile plastered on his face. “Hey April!”

            “Hi,” I said, nervously.

We stood there just staring at each other, I was hoping he would just invite me in and after an awkward silence he said, “Why don’t you come in? I hope you don’t mind but I thought we could order some take out because I suck at cook and really don’t feel like needing to rush someone to hospital because of food poisoning.” I laughed. “Want do you want? We can get Chinese or Thai or Pizza…”

            “Pizza,” I instantly said. I then felt rude. “I mean only if you want Pizza, just get whatever you want.”

            “Pizza’s my favourite food,” Drew told me. “Actually pancakes is but I love Pizza. What kind do you like?”

            “Any,” I shrugged.

            “Is pepperoni okay?” I nodded. “I’m just going to order the Pizza and then we can talk.” Drew gave me a small smile and walked to the kitchen.

I looked around his apartment slyly not wanting him to see me studying his place. It looked like a woman designed his house with all the pictures on the walls and the pillows on his couch picked to match the carpet. I walked to the wall where most of the pictures were placed. There were various pictures of Drew with different people. The one of Drew next to a middle-aged man in a hospital room caught my eye. Drew had his arm around the man and was smiling along with the man. The picture next to that was of Drew and a middle-aged woman. She was grinning hugely and Drew was staring at her with a smile on his face. I wondered if they were his parents, it seemed they were because there were lots more pictures of them.

            “My Mum didn’t like me having an apartment with no pictures so she went a bit crazy,” Drew laughed. I jumped not expecting him to say anything, which just cause him to laugh more. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

            “I was just in my own little word,” I explained, blushing.

            Drew chuckled. “It’s all good. Do you want to talk?” I nodded and took a seat on his couch. Drew took a seat on one of the single couches close to me.

            “So,” I said awkwardly.

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