A Wake (14)

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Chapter 14: A Wake  ♡

 ❝I need love, you need love. Give me love and I'll give you my love.❞ - A Wake by Macklemore

Week 4 - Day 25/27

 {{this chapter's dedicated to HaveFaith101 because she's perf and you should all go and read her story Let Me In because it's soooo good}}


“Look how gorgeous this dress is,” I gasped. I lifted the short red dress off of the bed and showed Drew.

            “It’s nothing compared to you,” Drew said, sweetly. I blushed. Everything between Drew and I had thankfully returned to normal but I had vowed to myself that I wouldn’t kiss Drew anymore unless we were in front of the other couples. I stood up and walked into the bathroom and pulled the tight bright red dress on. It stopped just under my butt and had long sleeves.

            Drew had put on a pair of red jeans that wouldn’t look good on anyone but Drew and a black top. Deciding to go all out with make-up, I startapplying some black eye shadow to create a smokey-eye. Once I was happy with how I looked, I walked out of the bathroom where Drew was waiting patiently for me.

            “You look beautiful,” Drew said as soon as I walked out.

            “Thanks,” I murmured, shyly. Drew and I walked into the game room and took our seats. The first question was fairly easy but then they started getting harder.

            Drew was asked what my first holiday overseas was.  We hadn’t spoken about it so I didn’t expect him to answer. He had written ‘America’ and surprisingly enough, that was my first holiday. Lucky guess, I’d say. I was then asked the exact same question and wrote ‘America’ as well, but I wasn’t as lucky, he had written Fiji.

            “Okay, boys, this ones sure to give you brownie points if you know the answer… what is your partners favourite movie?” Without even thinking I wrote down, The Notebook. I remembered telling Drew that it was in fact my favourite movie. He had written down The Notebook as well.

            “Am I the best husband ever or what?” Drew asked, smirking. I rolled my eyes.

            “Girls, does your husband having any siblings? Name them and write their ages down.”

            “Oh god,” I groaned. I wrote down their names, I knew that Liam and Annabelle were both 13 but I wasn’t sure about his older brother, Jacob. He was in his late 30s. I wrote down he was 27. Drew chuckled as he saw me crossing my fingers. I looked at Drew’s board and grinned. “Yes!” I practically yelled.

            Drew wrapped one of his arms around my bag and brought me closer to him. “I think we’re doing pretty damn good.”

            “I know, right!” I agreed. We walked out of the game room and into the kitchen, along with all the other couples. I watched as Luke kissed Anastasia before running off, saying he was tired.

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