Fall (16)

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Chapter 16: Fall  ♡

 ❝Well did you know you're an angel? Who forgot how to fly. Did you know that it breaks my heart everytime to see you cry.❞ - Fall by Justin Bieber

Week 5 - Day 30/ Day 36


Jealousy was something everyone felt at certain times of their lives. At that moment, I could describe how I was feeling as jealous. I was envious of the beautiful girl in front of me because she had gotten to spend two years with an amazing guy like Drew. I also felt anger, because she was stupid enough to sleep with a guy who isn’t half amazing as Drew is.

            “I haven’t seen you in ages but I’ve been watching you on TV, it’s pretty weird,” Danielle said, giving Drew a charming grin. “I had no idea you were married.” I started getting worried because at any moment Danielle could say ‘but you couldn’t have been together for 3 years because we broke up a year ago’.

            “Yeah well we don’t exactly talk.”

            Danielle ignored his comment and looked me up and down. “Hi, my name’s Danielle, I’m Drew’s ex-girlfriend and you are?”

            “April. Drew’s wife.”

            “I never thought Drew would settle down, he had always told me how much he hated the thought of marriage. He said it was stupid, didn’t understand why you’d need a piece of paper to prove your love.” That was one thing I had no idea about Drew. I thought the complete opposite; I loved the idea of marriage.

            “That was before I met April.”

            “Did you knock her up? Is that why you’re married?”

            My eyes widened. “Excuse me?”

            “What? I was just wondering…”

            “No I am not pregnant. Drew and I got married because we love each other not that you would know anything about that.”

            “I loved Drew, thank you very much. I still love him,” Danielle snapped, fiercely. I rolled my eyes. “What’s your problem?”

            I smiled, sweetly. “You’re my problem, now if you don’t mind my husband and I have to finish shopping.” With one hand I grabbed the trolley and with another I grabbed Drew’s hand and started walking.

            “You’re hot when you’re jealous,” Drew muttered into my ear, his warm breath grazing my skin.

            “I’m not jealous of her.”

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