Burning Desire (9)

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Chapter 9: Burning Desire  ♡

 ❝Your hands are on my hips, your name is on my lips, over, over 'gain like my only prayer. I've got a burning desire for you, baby.❞ - Burning Desire by Lana Del Rey

Week 2 - Day 9/Day 10/Day 13/Day 14


“How are you doing with the challenge?” Cho asked Jennifer and I. We were sat in the kitchen and Jennifer was making some food for herself.

            “It’s so hard,” I groaned and that was the truth. Of course, the kiss that Drew and I shared didn’t help anything. It just got me thinking about everything. I wanted to talk to him about the kiss, I wanted to ask him what it meant because that kiss was unlike any other kiss we had shared.

            “Especially when we’re alone in the bedroom and I want to bitch to him about people,” Jennifer said. I didn’t even need to ask if she was serious.

            “I know! Well… not about the bitching thing but when we’re alone in the bedroom, I want nothing more than to talk to Ted. Even when we were dating we’d talk everything second day if not every single day,” Cho said. Cho was one of the housemates that were most effected with not talking to their partner.

            Paul and Renee started talking first. Renee said that there was nothing she was afraid to do in front of cameras. I needed to talk to Drew about everything and that was the only thing that was keeping me from not speaking to him.

            Ted, Cho’s husband walked into the kitchen and I watched as Cho’s eyes lit up when she saw him. He sat on the stool next to her and Cho gently put her hand on his shoulder. “Hey,” he said.

I replied with a small ‘hello’. I felt bad for Cho, it must be hard not being able to talk to your husband when he was right there. “Ted, if you could tell Cho anything, what would you tell her?” I asked. As far as we were told, it wasn’t against the rules.

            Ted smiled and directed his answer at me but Cho, Jennifer and I all knew it was meant for Cho. “I’d tell her that I love her so so much and that I want nothing more than to talk to my princess. I’d tell her that it kills not to be able to talk to her and that we can win it.”

            “I’m sure she’d tell you exactly the same thing,” I smiled, cheekily.

            “Well I would hope so,” he chuckled.


We were all sitting outside. I was trying to soak up as much sun as I could since it was hot. I was lying in between Drew’s legs, occasionally he would run his hands through my hair and there were even points where he started massaging my shoulders.

            Lacy and Peter had started talking as well, they came out of the bedroom that morning with huge smiles on their faces, chatting chirpily. After that Lisa and Oliver started talking, which surprised me. “Fuck it,” Lisa had said and strutted to Oliver, kissing him hard and whispering things into his ear that only God knew. I thought that they’d be one of the more determined couples to win but I was obviously wrong. We all cheered, jokingly.

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