chapter 15

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deadlox's pov


did he really just say that...

"really?!? thank you.I love you, sky." I said affectionately. sky chuckled. 

"I love you too, deadlox." and we went for a kiss.



"they're coming back I don't want them mad, or worse them separating us." sky grinned.

"bro? sorry dude I forgot to clean up the cup." ssundee called up.

"it-its fine I got it." I said. and I started to clean it up it was shattered on the floor. 

"i'll help. ssundee we got it." sky called downstairs.

"ok..."ssundee left.

"see you later." I yelled as he walked put the door.

"oh and truemu wants to talk to you and sky when the sun sets he has some news for maybe restoring your memory."

"really?!?great!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled.

but did I really want to remember? what if I got my memory back but forgot the memory of me and sky now? would I suddenly not love him?

I didnt want these feelings to end. I loved sky.

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