chapter 35

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who da hell is dis?'s pov


well, in a way he asked for a lot of tests and pain.

I had a great idea.

herobrine liked it too.

first I have to download his memories on a microchip. I need three microchips

one with his real memories so I could study him.

one with fake memories just incase he malfunctioned.

and one that is the first to be used, the one that deadlox will use after he is tested on.

"ok riiiiiiiiiiight there." I put deadlox in the right place for the memory swiper thing. I don't know what the machine was really called.

"wow, you really want to see this 'test'be efficient huh?"


I placed the helmet connected to the machine on deadlox and pushed the button.

*some time later*

I finally got the chip downloaded.

it had most likely taken every fact he knew from his brain.

it was kind of funny, he just looked at me with blank eyes, showing no emotion at all. just like he said would happen...

I didn't let him go just like he said.

he wouldn't feel pain just like he said.

I was going to choose his decisions just like he said.

he wouldn't have to hide who he is just like he said.

he didn't talk so im guessing he forgot how to speak too.

this will be so fun!

I hooked him to the machine and pushed the various buttons.

he looked badass just like he said.

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