chapter 19

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Deadlox's pov


Why won't husky look at me!

I have to tell him to stay ill do something stupid if I don't. I really need some comfort. wait,sky must have talked to him! he hates me too, come on!

I went looking for something to do to get my mind off of things.

I tripped on something hard.

What kind of book is this?

 and out of complete boredom I opened the book.

surprisingly, it was English.

something flickered beside me and I jumped.

"well took you long enough."

what are you? I scribbled on the paper

then I got a good the flickering thing. it was a hologram.

"a guide. anything you want, if it has to do with spells, potions, any of that jazz. you go on a short journey and whallah, you got it." I couldn't make out its face.


"what is your greatest wish?"

uhm... I don't know.

"fine. i'll check myself, since im a hologram I can read minds. in a way. oh, and if you don't know what you want, I always make it a surprise."

ok. where do go?

"I can teleport you there. just cause im a hologram, dosent mean I have no good abilities. you don't have to write everything down, I can hear you're mind."

then he did.

"at the end of this whole map drink the potion, and you got your unknown wish."


he gave me a bunch of hints and stuff. but after it all, I finally, finally, got to the chest that held the potion. I wonder what it does.

"one more boss! you can do it. click the button."

I clicked it. holy shit.

so much mobs. HUGE BOSS.


I got out my BUDDER sword, but I didn't want to use it, it reminded me of sky...

no. he hates me. I might love him, but he hates me. get used to facts.

first, I went for the creepers.

now, ghast

ok now, zombe pigman.

then, I went for the skeletons. so that nothing could get me long distance.

next, I got the spiders.

then, zombies.

and the rest that were unnamed.

finally, the boss, I couldn't even see what it was. it kept on showing faces of my loved ones, sky, my family I don't want to think of them it hurts way to much, my best friends, everyone ive ever seen that meant something special, or triggered a good memory, went of the boss's face. that was its ability I guess.

and I had to kill it?

fine. i'll never get to see them again anyways.

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