chapter 14

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sky's pov



"bro, you ok?" Kermit asked

"don't be down at least we found deadlox." seto added

"yeah I guess you're right when did they say we can see him?"

"soon. they will come get you when they think hes stable." husky jump into the conversation.

"do we know why he was trying to set our house on fire?"

 "dawn knows but wont spit it out."


 I wanted to tell deadlox that I was in love with him soooooo bad I had missed him so much.

but I think by the way he acted something wasn't making sense to him at the moment.

and how could I tell him im bisexual?

 to him it most likely meant that I was half gay.

 "sky. skkkyyyyy. SKY, DUDE ARE YOU LISTENING?"

 "huh what"

 "you just kinda drifted off for a second"


 "and, they just said deadlox can have visitors."


 some nurses shoot me some dirty looks. but I didn't care what they thought.

I had deadlox already

 "uhm, excuse me sir, but some of our patients are sleeping and for some the rest might be dire to live."

 "im sorry." I though of the other families and people in the room. it hurt knowing deadlox could die at any second, why was I making more stress just to be annoying. 

 "its ok just please quiet down." she flashed me a smile.

 dawn went with us to deadlox's room to tell him the truth.

when we went in there I saw deadlox and my heart filled with joy to not see him mad at me for the moment.

he just sat there, eyes slightly open, but not closed staring at a corner.

the same nurse I met earlier was with me so I asked "um im sorry to ask but is he on the stuff" I swirled a finger around my head.

 she put on a slight smile "no its just we dont want him to strain himself so he's not supposed to move. he's just really bored and is probably thinking. "

 "oh. how long have you been a nurse?"

 "lets just say ive wanted to be one even as a kid."



 I pushed dawn towards deadlox.

 "deadlox I have something to tell you."

 "what is it..." he said very weak

 "well all the things I said to you were lies."

 "what do you mean?" he started to look more energized

"well im not your girlfriend and the house we were about to put on fire was yours and your best friend. you 2 live with each other."

 deadlox whispered something in her ear and was looking at us embarrassed. then dawn pointed at me. he went for his head again, and the nurses got ready to help him.

 "no those are really yours I found them earlier."

 "oh." dawn started to leave. "and dawn next time I see you I wont be so nice." in a panic she left the room.

awkwardly , deadlox asked a question. "so who are you guys?"

 "huh? what do you mean? did you hit your head too hard?" I laughed nervously hoping it was a joke.

deadlox looked dead serious. "im not kidding who are you?"

"you don't remember me?"

"im sorry do I know you? dawn told me about you but I don't know what to believe anymore."

"it's me sky! what happened? why don't you remember your best friend?"


 deadlox's hands flung to his head and he looked like he was in a lot of pain

the nurses rushed in and grabbed him just before he passed out on the floor

"what did I do all I did was say my name!!!"

 "dude its not your fault." ssundee tried to comfort me.

[later after some non painful tests on deadlox]

 "well whats wrong with him?"

 "it seems that he has a special type of amnesia if you show him his surroundings he might remember. so for now he is free to go home but if this happens again please tell us."

 "woo deadlox you're going home!!!"

 "I have a house..."

 "yeah i'll show you around our house!!!!"


 [even more later when they get back to the house]

 "so you really don't remember anything..."

 "no im sorry."

 "its ok I still got to show you the best part of the house!!! come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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