chapter 18

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deadlox's pov


"uh, really? sky, i know you. ive known you for years! whats wrong? dont bullshit me." i got very stern. i could tell something was wrong.

"i said its nothing!" then sky stormed out of the room.

"sky! come here!"

"no." he said childishly. he ran into a cave. this was really hurting me. i had decided that i loved him right before i lost my memory, but that obviously messed up because i remember everything. and now e hates me. i dont even know why.

"whats wrong? dude, im back for the first five seconds, and you seem pissed!" i yelled to him who i had almost caught up with.

"leave me alone."


"leave me alone."

"fine!" i couldnt take this. if i stayed any longer i would cry in front of sky. what did i even do? i ran.

he didnt even try to stop me fort the first five minutes.

i went to a cave. i made a house there.

why was sky mad?what the fuck did i do?


truemu's pov


i went to see if the healing of memory had worked.

i knocked on the door for awhile. nothing happened so i just walked in.

"sky? where are you?"i went to his room and was suprised. he was just sitting there. his chest rising suddenly every time he took in a new breath.

"sky?whats wrong?"

"he...deadlox...dosent..." he obviously was thinking to hard on what he was trying to say because he kept on stuttering and trying not to cry.

"whats wrong? did it work?did deadlox get his memory back?wheres deadlox?" i didnt try to but questions were flying out of my mouth. i had always been a person to ask questions. 

"it kind of worked...and i dont know where deadlox is." he obviously didnt want to answer all of my questions. i guess he could later.

"what do you mean you dont know where deadlox is?" me and my questions. sky had calmed down enough to talk.

"well..." then he said everything that happened.

"dude! you know realize that he might think somethings wrong with him! you made him think that you hate him so he left." this isnt good. deadlox was driven away and he was trying to stay!


husky's pov


i was really bored so i started a survival map.

sometimes, i regret thing i do. i regret this. i went into a fucking cave running from a mob! sometimes im an idiot.

i thankfully had a BUDDER sword so for now i was fine. i had a bunch of torches too.

i was going fine for awhile til i heard whimpers. how is this even possible for a fan to come here! they shouldnt be able to get in! ugh, this was suposed to be private. better go check it out.

"anyone here?" i asked rather loud.

i heard a bunch of shuffleing but then it got faint. so it wasnt a fangirl.

but, why were they leaving?

"hello, i heard someone.where are you?"that when i realized the person was crying and didnt want me to see them.

"hey!come here!" i started running towards the person.

i didnt know who they were, but i wanted to know and running to them felt somewhat right.

i finally just caught them,"hey...deadlox?why are you here?"

he whimpered again.

"whats wrong?"

he wouldnt stop whimpering.

"dude, what the fuck is wrong?tell me, im always open." deadlox had not calmed down but got a paper. i guess he was going to write it down.

it not really anything... im ok. how are you?

"im not fallin for that shit deadlox,you look hurt."

well i am in a cave. fighting mobs.

"i meant the other way! what happened?"

you're not going to get off my back arent you?

i shook my head.

me and sky got into a fight and i dont know what i did. *mega pout*  P.S. ive been crying for so long that my throat wont talk, only whimpers.

"oh." he let out another whimper.

"can you say how you got into the fight?" with his head he shook his head yes.

ok. i woke up. well dont say it to anybody but i had a diease. when i was kidnapped. i said every stupid thing i thought. and i though something stupid one day that was too embarrassing. i didnt want to see you guys for awhile due to seeing how you would take it. i tryed to get out by using the balcony. he caught me and brought me back up. we had small talk for about five seconds then he got really sad. i have no idea why. i asked him and he got mad and sad. at me. he started to run from me. and i went running with him. he eventually drove me away. he hates me. i went here. and here i am now.

"so sky is mad?" he let out a whimper\moan. im guessing that was a yes.

"im going to talk to him. i'll see you later,deadlox!"


but husky didnt notice deadlox was scribbling on the piece of paper. desprate to tell him something.

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