chapter 34

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sky's pov


seto got his sorcery ready.

antvenom went off to find ores.

Kermit got ready to make swords because he went with antvenom.

husky started to collect and make arrows and bows.

truemu got something to enchant the item that everyone else collected.

bodil went to make potions.

bajan started making armor.

captainsparkles planned an attack.

the fluffy went to get food because of his good nose.

cavemanfilms went to get a map so they could find the mansion.

goldsolace gathered BUDDER.

5m went off somewhere, he didn't say where he was going.

gizzy ran off to see what 5m was doing and had the intention of helping him.

truemu went to get the star, dead, and sky army.

i trained.

deadlox- oh yeah.

we got the dead, sky, and star armies quickly so we got done super fast. even some people who had lost family or friends because of herobrine came. people who were bored of no cause came. people who felt bad and wanted to stop herobrine came also. people who loved fighting came. people who loved making potions came. people who like crafting came. even more than that. herobrine had to be stopped.


who the hell is dis's pov


"so... your the new destroyer. makes sense."

"hey! well since its my first time im going to other things kk?"


"ha. ha. your super funny."

"thank you."

"shut up."

"nah, before Im a mindless robot hybrid freak thing, I want to have some fun."

"ugh." I sigh. "wait why arent you asking for your life?"

"many reasons. i never let go my tests. i wont have feelings when im brain dead, so i wont feel bad. robot wear down. I cant feel pain. i  wouldn't have the pressure of choice, someone else would choose. id look badass as hell. Im tired of this life, hiding everything, being secretive. and most important, i deserve this, ive done it to other people and their families and friends deserve some kind of revenge." he looked at the floor. "im sorry for what i did. i couldn't do anything about it. and im sorry, even for you, that you have to deal with this awful job. i know you are an awful person but this i would wish upon no one. that's how terrible this is. to you its like oh cool herobrine, powers,  things to do what i want, my life is basically perfect! look at your victims faces, look into their eyes and you will see this is a burden, that its not something natural and no one deserves this life. i might be your first test but im ready. im ready for revenge of the countless people i hurt."

"that was a shitload of reasons. ill start it now, just for you."

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