chapter 23

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deadlox's pov


my herobrine 'form' is wearing off. my eyes are turning purple instead of a dark blood red, my skin is not as super pale anymore, my headphones glow on the sides isnt blood red, my clothes arent pitch black, like this night with no light, my hair isnt white, my bracelets arent red, ,until the night, my inventory becomes normal like if i had a BUDDER sword it wouldnt be there when herobrine was there, but if i found a BUDDER sword in the night i would not have it in the day,and thankfully the blood drenched  on my skin vanishes. so i look like a completely diffrent deadlox. not even sky would guess.

they hadnt seen evil deadlox yet.

basically, herobrine uses me as his puppet and i get a powerful effect. i dont use it though it would be approving of herobrine. so when he wants something done he literallly controls me to do it. its been that way ever since i can remember. i hate herobrine. yeah, i guess for fans its supercool. really? killing people against your own will for the rest of your life is fun?  they do respawn  be they are never seen again. herobrine respawns them in his awful mansion. then im guessing he tortures them. please dont judge me and crap. i literally cant get out. i see everything, but, i cant move. its like seeing yourself in a coma, you see but cant move. i let the awful part of my out by going for walks at night and destroying things other than people.

herobrine has been leaving me alone for the past day which is nice. 

bored i turned on the TV to see what on. when im turning back i have a little shack to go to.

my TV always starts on the news. lets see how much damage herobrine caused, how much people died, awful accidents. i feel emotionless for those things. its either a power. or being used to so much killing. maybe both.

i saw my good guy deadlox face on the screen. then sky was talking to the camera guy.

"ok. herobrine has taken deadlox. i need the BUDDER, sky, dead, and all the other people that support us to help. they are keeping deadlox hostage. again. i know. but... this time it was my fault. i was upset about something me and deadlox did when he didnt have his memory. he lost the memory though and i was having a hard time. i snapped at him. when he was trying to help. he ran,  of and here we are now"

"any recent details of him.?"

"oh. he cant talk. i think. it might have healed. he was only able to do a whimper last i saw him." husky pointed out. oh shit. only in evil form i can talk.

i tryed to talk but asi had hoped and expected a pained whimper was all that came out, at least soon i was going to be acceptable. not all bloody n' shit.

now you're thinking oh why dont you free the people that youve captured. ive tryed. i still remember the screams through the whole castle. its a better idea not to.

i took a look in the mirror. almost done! the little strands of white in my hair and then im done!

another way being a puppet sucks is that the MOBS are nice to me EVEN SOME SQUIDS. the squids and other mobs exept enders they are a genuine nice. they are just very shy like me.and feel offenended when looked at cause they superhuman like me, are in herobrines order or they are sentenced to death and i still get to kill them. i feel like a jerk because while everybody is killing the mob but They dont even try to it me. and everyone would and is having a much harder time getting around. i could kill them all. but they werent hurting me. 

ugh. but they were the things i wanted to acctually kill. that sucks too. i want to be a good guy but im a bad guy. so as much as i want to thre will be awful punishments ahead of me. they have to first.

i spaced off sorry.

"hes usually quiet, sometimes obnoctious, funny, shy, super easy to be kidnapped. so if you get to him watch out! hes my best friend, loves budder, hates squids... " sky kept on going on and on and on. all about me even my little perks.

I realize now that im a pretty boring person. I hope if they find me I can change that...

"so please...if you see deadlox... I miss my best us please...I miss him...a lot"

"I think I might have found deadlox!"

"you random citizen state how and where pls."

"ive seen him at night in the distance near a well I might be crazy. an extremely huge abandoned mansion. he usually looks like hes sneaking around and Ive never got a close look but same headphones clothes and hair I think that's something."

"do you know that way?"


"ok then. we go to that huge mansion tonight!" sky yelled.

ugh. fuck. that douche. they will find me with a whole army, someone would recognize me.

that means... wait what does that mean?

I looked in the mirror there was only one strand left. and I had to leave now.

the sooner the faster. he would be coming and wouldn't leave until he got me.

but it would be night... everyone would know...

fuck out of here now.

I have an hour to leave.

I snuck out because I saw them in the distance. shit I was going to change soon. I climbed up a high tree. I got a piece of paper out,

dear sky,

as you know I cant talk to you. my throat is messed up.

herobrine bargained. I can stay for the day but I have to come here at night.

I miss you best friend. been awhile since we talked not since be fore the you know kidnapping. 

remember I cannot talk to you now. because it is night. i'll see you tomorrow, sky. that's if you take the deal.



with a magical gust I wind I willed It went right to sky.

he looked up out of curiosity to see how he had gotten the note. it made a large wind blow to my back so his eyes would water and then he would look away.

"truemu? i cant see what that is can you since you have your helmet on?"

"sure..." truemu looked in my direction. he gasped.

"its deadlox!"

"deadlox come here!"

I let out a moan. why cant he not see too. ugh. I pointed at the note.

truemu looked at it and shook his head, but by the time his helmet was fixated in my direction. in used teleportation to a different spot. "sky! he disappeared! he pointed at the note though."

I had now turned into my normal form. they threw something at me and I realized it was one of herobrines officers, a girl one, acting as a fangirl.

I felt different. much more swift for I had been tripping on my own created wind. I suddenly felt heavy in the chest where my ribs were. and I had gotten skinnier at the sides and bigger hips.

what the hell?

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