chapter 20

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sky's pov


truemu was comforting me. not in a lovey way but a good friend way.

until husky came storming in.

"DUDE WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!" Husky screeched.


"deadlox. he has been crying so long he cant even talk only some kind of sad whimper! he thinks you hate him! he ran the fuck away! look!" he shoved a piece of paper in my face.

"...oh shit. but-"

"no butts. butts are for sitting on. go say sorry to him! before hes gone for good!"

"ok! jezus stop yelling at me."

he lead us to the cave deadlox was at.

"are you fucking around?!"

"no! see look a piece of paper with writing on it in deadlox's handwriting! wait... he wrote something else when I left but I didn't see him try to give it to me! what does it say... crap. dude... sky..." I snatched the paper from him. deadlox's hand writing had been done fast and in a hurry by what it looked like.

husky! please don't leave me alone! I need someone to babysit or something before I do something stupid. dont leave! fuck, ow, dammit if I could talk you'd be passed out. Id scream the fuck out of me! husky, im all alone... I need someone... fuck this im leaving... great job I might do something stupid. wouldn't matter anyway! you probably hate me too! you heard from everybody how awful I am. I shouldn't have told you about what happened in the kidnapping. FUCK... im going deeper into the cave so if you know im there you now have the ability to avoid me. so... deadlox out. see you, never.

"wait, wait. what happened in the kidnapping?"

"well, he developed a disease or illness, that he said everything he thought. he thought something embarrassing, and he was scared to show his face to us." husky explained

"that actually explains a lot."

"yeah it does." says truemu who I had forgotten was there.

"lets go deeper into the cave!"

we followed some footsteps, because the cave was pretty dusty the footprints made marks.

"this will be easy." truemu said.

uh-huh, he was dead wrong.

we got there and there was some weird stuff.

deadlox's footsteps suddenly stopped. there were knee prints so he must if fell.

another print I couldn't even make out what it was... and then burn marks a few feet above us but it didn't look like it was from lava. something... supernatural.

"that looks like a book." husky pointed out the print I couldn't comprehend.

what the fuck happened here...

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