chapter 16

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sky's pov


im kind of in the middle for deadlox getting his memory back.

would something happen?

like a lasting side affect, maybe he would hate everything he used to like. he might realize who we used to be and hate me because it would be too awkward to know that I loved him.

what if something goes wrong and his brain is utter mush for the rest of his life.

it was obvious deadlox was thinking about that too his face was littered with worry and being deep in thought.

"deadlox? you okay?"

"huh? uhm yeah im fine."

[at truemu's place]

"hey guys! ok, deadlox come here." he obviously didn't know about me and deadlox yet.

"ah-ok." deadlox sat on the chair truemu was pointing at.

someone with really long and flexible arms walked in.

"who's dat?"I questioned.

"i'm the specialist that helps with amnesia im the one who might be able to heal him."

"i know you! you're an old friend! I remember playing with you once! what happened?"

"so you do remember! i moved my dad found a big job and I had to leave."

"oh that sucks."

"yes. so deadlox, I specialize in potions that fix many things. drink this one first then this one for no side affects." he turned to me, "after this he will need sleep and he will already be asleep so you will have to find a way to bring him home."

deadlox looked scared every time this guy spoke he looked like this guy was about to kill him or something. but he was going to help him.

"here deadlox drink these both quickly" he handed deadlox the vials. he mixed it into one.

deadlox took it and his eyes rolled up into his head. he slumped into his chair.

"get him home he has to be comfortable when he wakes up it will help."

{at their house}

i layed deadlox on his bed and waited.

when he woke up, he immediately started screaming.

then, he looked around confused.

next he looked and realized where he was and sighed.

"nice to be home. lets get some supplies and be on my way."

i walked in.

"hey man how are you feelin'?"

"sky!!!!" he ran to the balcony and jumped off.

i caught him by an inch.

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