chapter 12

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deadlox's pov


 instinct told me to start punching a tree.

"excuse me do you know the way too... deadlox?"

a girl tapped me on the shoulder.

"what are you doing here when you should be in your house?"

 I stared at her blankly. now I got to get a good look at this girl she had half and half hair of 2 different colors on different sides of her head. one was purple and the other was pink. she had a blue shirt on a little too tight for her. black skinny jeans that showed that she was trying to show off her legs. also startling blue eyes that seemed to look right through me.

"dude you ok no hard feelings?" she asked

"why would I be mad?" she smiled in a way that got me to shiver

 "well why are you here? instead of your house?"

 again I gave her the dumb I have no idea what you are talking about look

 "I have a house?"

 "yes. you live with me in my house we're best friends remember? come on lets go home before anyone sees me-us."

 "I'm sorry I didn't catch your name."

 "my real names dawn but some people call me dawnables."

"ok lets go home, dawn."

she giggled and started skipping down the street.

she was humming a tune I couldn't make out.

when we got there I looked around

 "can I have a tour?"

 "sure" then she giggled and then tried to kiss my cheek but I moved away

 when she showed me my room it was nice I guess... but by the looks of my clothes she had picked the room out for me as well as the things in it.

 "this place is really nice."

 "you think so?"

 "yeah can I take a walk to look around?"

 "can I come with?"

 "I guess so..."

"cool!!!!" she said in this high pitched bubbly voice that disgusted me. it was obvious she wanted me or maybe wanted me back? maybe I was her boyfriend or somethin' the way she was acting made my theory sound more and more true.

"oh wait I forgot something of yours..." and went upstair for a second then went back down. "here you go before you left and lost your memory these were yours."

 they were the coolest things i'd ever seen. I literally had to wipe away the drool that was sliding out of my mouth it was that awesome.

they were headphones black all around them and at the sides were glowing green. they felt like the closet thing to me ever

I snatched them away immediately and put them on. they fit perfectly

"lets go." I said happily.


 "why are you all making such a big fuss?"i asked the girl who had spoken before

 "huh don't you remember you were kidnapped and we see you so we send it to the police and plus we want pics of you." a grabbed at my head.

 "why would you want pics of me."

 "why wouldn't we want pics of you"

 then I passed out.

when I woke up someone was tugging me away from the crowd.

 "huh get o..."I felt a sharp pain in my head again and immedietly put my hand on my head and looked behind me.

 "oh its only you."i smiled knowing it wasn't one of those fangirls taking me away.

"get up we have to leave. now."


 "i'll explain later."


"now we have to run the police will see us."

"why do we have to stay away from them?"

 "my old boyfriend you used to be friends with until he cheated on me. hes a well known hero around here so they believed him instead of me so everybody hates me. you saw this happen so you got mad at him and wouldn't be his friend anymore so now he hates you too."

 "oh." I said very weakly

 "but then we got together because your the best boyfriend ever!!!" she exclaimed.

 "we are boyfriend and girlfriend?"


 "why didn't you tell me before?"

 "I though you knew"

 I looked back still running and I saw a bunch of guys run into dawns lawn and start talking to the fans. I slowed down a little bit. but them picked up the pace. one of those guys cheated on my best friend\girlfriend. I couldn't let them get me.


skys pov


 when I heard the news my heart skipped a beat. deadlox was freed from the clutches of his captor?

sounded too good to be true. I could finally get so many things off my chest

like I loved him... no not so soon

dawn cheated on me

I missed him

im happy hes ok

and fluffy shit like that.

when I got there I didn't see deadlox all I saw were two green lights fading in the distance as I asked the fan questions about what they saw and stuff what interested me was one of their stories where deadlox had directly talked to one of them

she had said," well we were taking pics and stuff so like he went up to me and asked 'why is everyone making a fuss' and I said cause of you and when I like told him he was kidnapped ad stuff he acted like he didn't even know what I was like talking about

dang this kid must be so spoiled. sky thought

 "so then when I told deadlox a little about himself his hands went to hid forehead and then he like passed out right in front of me then im not sure by who but he was dragged away by someone thataway"

 fuck, im stupid that's where the green lights were coming from. that was deadlox. UGH.

"lets go get deadlox."

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