Chapter 26: The Aftermath

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Doorbell Rang.

"Coming!" said the person on the other side of the door.


You dropped all your luggage and hugged your mother. She was shocked that you came home without any further notice and that you greeted her with tears in your eyes.

"Hi Mum," you said and you hugged her tightly.

She gave you her tight and warm embrace while she patted your head. Without you saying a word, she knew you were troubled by something.

"Mum, who's at the door?"

As your little brother, now a young man, approached the front door, he was surprised when he saw you.


You gave him a smile while you were hugging your mother. You then reached your hand out for him to come closer. He ran to you and locked you and your mother in his arms.

"Sis, I missed you," he said.

You kissed his forehead and said, "I missed you too."

"Where's Dad?" you asked.

You mother wiped her tears and said "He is at work. You want to go and surprise him?"

You smiled and nodded your head.


"Namjoon-hyung? Are you awake?" Jungkook asked as he entered the leader's room.

It was in the middle of the night and he didn't get out of his bed since they got home. He just stayed there in the darkness under the covers.

Jungkook walked slowly to the bedside and sat. He patted Namjoon's shoulder to comfort him but he just shrugged it off.

"Jungkook, please leave me alone," said Namjoon in a cold tone.

Jungkook didn't say a thing and left. He closed the door behind him slowly and sighed.

The other members were in the living room, waiting for Jungkook to come back with good news about their leader.

"How is he?" Jimin asked with hopes that their leader is fine.

Jungkook just frowned and shook his head.

"Namjoon has never been this sad before," Hoseok said.

"What are we going to do? We need him, especially now since we have a concert next week." Taehyung said in worry.

"Don't worry everyone. Everything is going to be fine. We just have to give him some time and space." Yoongi said.

"Why don't we cook him his favourite meal? Maybe that would cheer him up," suggested Jin.

Everyone nodded their heads and prepared their leader's favourite meal.

While (Y/N) and Namjoon were in such bad state, one person is happily celebrating her victory.

"I am a genius!" said Boram as she sat on her sofa with a glass of red wine on one hand.

"Now that (Y/N) is out of the picture, I might as well do something with Namjoon. I need to get him to fall for me. I need to take advantage of this situation while he is still weak."

She took a sip of her wine and smirked, "I can now have him all to myself."

Sorry to keep you all waiting! I know it's short but I think adding the other part of the story here isn't suitable. It has to be another chapter. You feel me? ^^"

Don't worry it is about to end soon! Please wait for me!

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