Chapter 16: Jealousy

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"Hey, you've been spacing out. Are you okay?" Hoseok asked Namjoon who was not paying any attention to their recording session.

"Hello?" Hoseok waved his hands in front of Namjoon's face but he didn't react.

"Hyung, I think he's deep in his thoughts," Jimin whispered to Hoseok. 

"Yeah. I think he's thinking about (Y/N). They haven't talked since we got back." Taehyung added.

Yoongi overheard their conversation and looked at Namjoon. He did look troubled.

After the recording session, Yoongi made Namjoon stay behind.

"Hey, are you okay? The others are worried about you. You haven't been yourself lately. Did anything happened?"

Namjoon was quiet at first then he let out a huge sigh before saying "It's (Y/N)..."


"So, they're good now?"

"Yeah..." Namjoon said heavily.

"She's not even mine so I don't have the rights to be jealous... But still..."

Yoongi patted Namjoon on the back and said "It's true. But if you really want her, you better do something before it's too late." 

He then stood up and left Namjoon in the studio for him to clear his thoughts and let everything sink in.

Meanwhile, you were back in your office sketching again. After what seemed like forever, you decided to look at previous photos of BTS during the I Need You era.

Everything was so aesthetic and you could really feel the vibe of spring just by looking at the photos. Suddenly, an idea popped up into your mind.



"What do you think?" you said nervously.

You were sweating so bad and your heart was pounding so fast. The look on Bang PD-nim's face wasn't good so you thought that he was disappointed.

"I'm sorry.." you apologized.

"What are you apologizing for? I love it!"

You eyes immediately shot open.

"It's simple and you can really feel that it's spring by just looking at it! It's also very heart-warming."

You flushed a bit from his comment about your work.

"You did a great job, (Y/N)."

"Thank you PD-nim." you bowed towards him.

"Since you did a great job on this cover design, I would like you to be in charge of the opening VCR of BTS's concert this March. I've been receiving a lot of good feedbacks regarding the videos of Bangtan Bomb because of your editing skills and for considering the needs of international fans. So, what do you think?"

Your eyes shot open once again. Bang PD-nim just asked you to be in charge of the most crucial part of the concert?! THE OPENING VCR?!

"Sir... I don't know what to say.."

"Just say you'll take it. I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job!"

You smiled widely and nodded to him. You can't believe it. You were going to do a big project!

You thanked Bang PD-nim once again and headed back to your office.

As you were walking back, you started brainstroming some ideas.

"What should I do? What should I include? There has to be a concept in the video? But what concept? Ah, I know!... No, that's too much. What about- no they did that before."

As you were deep in your thoughts, you didn't notice that someone was walking towards you then... BUMP!

"Watch where you're going freak!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Ms Boram, I was just lost-"

"I don't care! Next time, you should make way! You don't own this hallway!"

"Yes, of course."

Boram rolled her eyes at you then walked off. You sighed in frustration.

When you looked up, you saw Namjoon.

"Hey! RM!" you shouted then waved at him.

He looked at your direction but didn't respond to your greeting. He just walked off as if he didn't saw you.

"What's up with him?"

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