Chapter 2: Vernon

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Yes! It was him. You wouldn't forget that face. Of course, you wouldn't, you just saw him almost an hour ago.

After he introduced himself, he was looking at everyone. Then, his eyes caught yours. You immediately turned your flushed face away from him, hoping that he wouldn't recognize you.

Vernon's POV

So, she's my classmate. I thought to myself.

After being left behind by that girl at the park, I didn't expect to see her again. What's more is that I didn't expect that we go to the same school.

I smirked when I saw her turning her face away from me. Cute.

"So Vernon, please pick a seat."

I looked around the room and saw that there was an empty seat next to that girl that was looking away from me. I smiled knowing that she would be totally surprised seeing me next to her. Once I got to my seat, I purposely put my bag down harshly to get her attention and it worked.

"Hey! I'm Vernon. The new guy."

She just rolled her eyes at me and looked at the teacher. Well, I couldn't blame her for giving me that attitude. I was mean to her.

"So, who of you would like to show Vernon around the campus?" The teacher said.

Almost every girl in the room put their hands up. Uhmm... Not surprised. Well, almost every girl.
"Miss, may I choose who to show me around?"

The teacher simply nodded and I immediately said, "I want her." Pointing at the only girl who didn't put her hands up.

Your POV

Everyone's eyes were on me. I hate it when they stare at me. I broke a sweat not knowing what I did that made them stare at me like that.

In the corner of my eyes, I saw someone pointing at me. When I looked who it was, it was HIM!

"I want her."

My eyes widen when I heard those word came out of his mouth.

"Alright then. That's settled. (Y/N) please show Vernon around the school today."

I took a big gulp and mentally hit myself. From all people in this room, why me?!

I glared at Vernon and he gave you a smile. "Nice name, (Y/N)."


Author's POV

It was already lunch time and you were dying from hunger. The bell rang indicating it was lunchtime. You immediately fixed your stuff to go to the cafeteria. When you got up, someone grabbed your wrist.

"Wanna eat together?" Vernon asked with a smile planted on his face.

You blinked your eyes, thinking of what to say to him. Then you remember, you have to show this guy around.

You sighed in defeat and said, "Do I even have a choice?"

Vernon smiled widely showing his perfect white teeth.

As you two were walking down the hallway to the cafeteria, the others just wouldn't stop staring at the two of you. Well, maybe just Vernon.

"Here's the cafeteria." You told him while spreading your arms wide open.

When you looked at him, you saw that his jaw dropped open and his eyes were wide! Well, it didn't come as a surprise to you. You had the exact reaction when you first stepped in here.

The cafeteria in your school was huge! There were different stations of counters with various types of food to choose from. Carbonara, beef steak, mac and cheese, hamburger, pizza, anything you could think of! Not to mention, there's even a variety of number of desserts! Apart from that, it was spacious! There was a number of tables and chairs that could fit the whole students in that school. What stood out the most was the huge stage that was located at the back of the cafeteria.

You and Vernon grabbed your meals and sat down near the window away from those eagle eyes.

"Wow! Your school is huge! It's so awesome!" Vernon said in excitement. You simply replied with a nod without looking at him.

Vernon knew that you were upset with him due to the incident that happened earlier that morning and he knew what he did was a wrong move. He let out a huge sigh knowing that whatever he does, you wouldn't even bother. Then, his face lit up!
As you were eating o-so quietly, you heard a low groan. As it came to you by surprise, you immediately put your head up facing Vernon with two french fries in his nose. When you faced him, he crossed his eyes then wiggled the fries in his nose. You found it completely silly which made you burst into laughter.

"You have a nice laugh," Vernon said with a chuckle as he took the fries out if his nose.

By now, you were tomato like red from all that laughing. Vernon's comment just made you even redder. He noticed it and giggled.

"Look (Y/N). What happened this morning, I sincerely apologize for it. I was just having a bad day that's all. I hope we could start again." He said with a serious tone.

He then stretched his hands out for you to shake it in agreement. You thought for a moment but eventually shook his hand. He was totally overjoyed! He got up and started doing weird dance steps.

From that day onwards, a new friendship had bloomed.

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