Chapter 8: Let The Games Begin!

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Everyone nodded their heads and went back to their preparation. Afterwards, BTS came and everyone went to their position. You took out your camera and followed everyone to where BTS was.

All seven of them got off the ship and was mesmerised by the view that greeted them.

"Wow! We are so going to have fun here!" said Jimin with excitement.

"Not so fast Jimin." said one of the staffs.

"We would like to play a game with you. You guys like games right?"

Yoongi groaned in frustration as he was tired from their morning schedules and the journey.

"Do we really have to?" Yoongi said.

Jin slightly hit him with his elbow and said "Come on Yoongi. It will be fun."

"What's the game?" Jungkook asked.

The staff then explained to them the game, the rules they have to follow and the punishment if they didn't get to finish on time.

"What?! 20 minutes ONLY?!" shouted Taehyung.

"Yes. So you better hurry. The time starts now."

The staff then pressed the timer. All seven of them were screaming and running everywhere with their luggage, going to each camera crew to do anything they could to impress them.

As for you, you followed Namjoon everywhere he went. All he did was do aegyo over and over again. Sadly, he failed to impress one of the cameramen that had the envelope. Sad for him.

The first one to get the envelope was Yoongi. Wondering how he did it huh?

All he did was glare at one of the camera crew members that had the envelope while he was leaning on his suitcase. Evidently, the blond was so aggravated that he didn't want to do anything, so he gave the cameraman his death glare. Of course, the cameraman was impressed by his acting so he gave it to him. To Yoongi's amazement, he jumped up and down repeatedly and ran off with his envelope. "So long, punks!"

"Lucky," said Namjoon with a sigh.

"Do you happen to know who has it?" he asked you.

You lied. You just shooked your head and acted innocent. He sighed again and ran off going to the other camera crew members.

You started running as well as you had to film him. Unfortunately, he had longer legs than you so he ran off without you.

You stopped in the middle of chasing him just to catch your breath.

Danm. These guys don't even know I have it.

Jungkook was the second one that got the envelope. He showed his b-boy skills that blew the cameraman's mind. It was a rare talent that Jungkook only showed in American Hustle Life.

Jin came third. You might wonder, how did Jin impress the cameraman. Well, he told one of his old man jokes. Surprisingly, the cameraman cracked up. "You go Jin!" said the cameraman.

As for Jimin... You wouldn't believe it. He was so desperate to get one of the envelopes that he did a modern dance. Yes, you read it right, MODERN DANCE! Jimin rarely showed his modern dance skills, so this was one in a lifetime. The camerawoman was astounded by his skills that she finally gave it to him. Desperate times comes with desperate measures.

"10 minutes left!"

Once you heard this, you sprinted off to look for Namjoon to film him. You saw him by a tree with another camerawoman that didn't have the envelope. You shooked you head then ran to him.

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