Chapter 1: Past

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Birds singing, children laughing and bicycle bells ringing. You smiled as it was another beautiful day.

You sat up from your bed and stretched your arms wide. You got up, fixed your bed as usual then went to the washroom to freshen up.

After 30 minutes of pampering yourself and fixing your stuff for school, you went downstairs for breakfast. As you closed your door, you saw your little brother whose room was just next to yours. He gave you a grin and you knew exactly what that meant.

Both of you then raced downstairs to the dining area. As usual, you won. "Ha! You're washing the dishes tonight." Your little brother frowned and crossed his arms.

"I always have to wash the dishes" He pouted.

To your satisfaction, you laughed at him and made faces.

After filling your stomach with your mother's delicious pancakes, you bid your family goodbye then headed for school. As your school was nearby, you would always ride your bike to the park before making your way to school. Besides, it was still early, who would want to go to school so early in the morning, right?

Once you reached the park, you were greeted with greenery and that's what you love about it. Nature was just so beautiful in your eyes. It gave the feeling of peace and relaxation. As you were happily riding your bike while looking into the horizon, you didn't notice that someone was in front of you.

In a flash of lighting, you found yourself off of your bike and onto the ground. As you slowly opened your eyes, you saw the person you accidentally bumped into. You immediately got up, not paying attention to the pain on your right knee, and ran to the stranger. As you got closer, you noticed that it was a boy somewhat the same age as you. Not to mention, he was gorgeous.

"I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" You asked in a panic as you got down to your knees to examine whether he was in good shape.

He sat up and said "Aish! Watch where you're going next time!"

You were taken aback by his rudeness and you tried your very best not to blow up.

"I'm truly sorry! Please, let me help you up." You extended your hand to him but he just slapped it away.

"I don't need your help!"

That triggered you. "Look, I'm just trying to help you. You don't have to be so rude!" You shouted.
"If you kept your eyes on the road then this wouldn't have happened now would it?" He argued back.

He was right and you hated it. Even though it was your fault for causing this accident, he didn't have to show you such bad attitude.

Now you were pissed. You got up, rode your bike and made your way to school. While you were on your way, the scene that happened earlier wouldn't leave your mind. You were so furious that you would want to break that pretty face of his.

After a while, you got to school 15 minutes early. You made your way into the busy hallway to your classroom. Once you got to your seat, your friends could not help but notice your dirty uniform and your bleeding right knee!

" (Y/N)! Your knee is bleeding!" Your friend, Yumi, shouted.

You looked down at your knee and saw a huge wound.

"Oh. I didn't notice." You simply said.

Your other friend, Raven, stood up and left the classroom. Minutes later, she came back with a first-aid-kit box on her hands. She then went ahead to treat your wound.

"What in the world happened to you?" She said angrily.

You just let out a huge sigh and said: "It's a long story."

The bell rang indicating that school was in session. Raven put the first-aid-kit box away then went back to her seat. As for you, you fixed your uniform a little bit before sitting properly. A few minutes later, your class teacher came.

"Good morning everyone. Today, we have a new student that will be joining us."

Every student in the room started talking about who this new student was, except for you. You just stared out the window thinking about what you would have for lunch. The teacher then clapped her hands to get the students attention. "Quiet down everyone."

The classroom door then opened revealing a tall handsome guy behind it. All the girls in the room were in awe while some of the guys rolled their eyes. You then took your eyes off the window to see how this new student looked like. What you saw made your eyes opened wide.

"Hello everyone. I am
Hansol Vernon Chwe." He smiled.

It was the guy you bumped into.

I know that the song may seem inappropriate. I just thought the intro might give you the feels while reading the first paragraph. :D

RM will come in the next 2-3 chapters? Haha, you'll never know. Curious? Then better keep reading ;)

Hope you guys liked it. I'm still trying to figure out what's gonna happen next. Stay tuned!

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