Chapter 24: The Process

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30 missed calls from Kim Namjoon

From: Kim Namjoon
(Y/N)... Please talk to me. I will be waiting down your apartment.

I'll be waiting no matter how long.


(Y/N)? Are you there?

Please don't seen zone me.

5 missed calls from Namjoon.

Please pick up... Please let's talk.

You read the messages that Namjoon sent you but didn't bother to pick up his calls. He had been texting and calling you since you left BigHit Entertainment. He even went to your apartment and waited downstairs. You saw him outside the window, standing in front of the entrance with a worried look on his face.

He had been standing there for 3 hours and it seemed like he wasn't planning to leave. You just shooked your head and closed the curtains.

Seeing him with Boram and in that state was too painful for you to bear. You didn't expect that he would do something like that, you trusted him but he took it for granted.

Another hour had passed and you decided to go to bed. Yet, you decided to check on Namjoon just to see how he was. You were very upset with him, yes, but you weren't that type of person who's heartless.

When you opened the curtains, expecting to see him there, but he wasn't. You let out a sigh, telling yourself that he wasn't going to wait that long.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. You walked towards the door and peeked through the looking hole. There you saw Namjoon, still worried and sad.

"Go away, Namjoon. I don't want to talk to you," you shouted.

"(Y/N), please let me explain." he said.

You didn't want to talk to him. You didn't want to hear his voice and face him. It just kills you inside.

You were crying but you didn't want him to know so you cleared your throat and said, "If you don't go, I will call the security."

Namjoon sighed. There was only silence in the air. You were waiting for him to say something but you thought he left.

Then, he said "Okay, I'll go. But please, let's talk tomorrow. Goodnight (Y/N). I'm so sorry."

After that, he left. You heard his footsteps. It was slow and heavy. You could tell that he was tired and was in sorrow. Yet, you were stubborn. You didn't want to face him.

That whole night, you stayed up remaking the Opening VCR. You didn't want to think about what happened that day so you kept yourself busy.

As you were editing away, you received a message from Hoseok. You opened it and it said

From: Jung Hosoek
How are you?

From: (Y/N)
I'm fine.

From: Jung Hoseok
I know you're not. Namjoon told us what happened. Please talk to him. He is drowning himself in alcohol.

From: (Y/N)
Tell him to stop drinking. I need to go.

After that, you just placed your phone down and continued working.

The next day, you didn't bother to go to work. You called in sick and they approved.

The whole day, you worked and worked. However, from time to time, you found yourself crying.

That afternoon, you were visited by Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook. They brought you food and talked with you for a while. They knew that you needed someone to talk to and comfort you. But you didn't want their pity, so you told them that you needed some space of which they understood and left.

Sometimes you would get a text from Namjoon greeting you and reminding you to eat and rest. He would even call you, but you didn't answer. You even saw him down your apartment once again. Waiting for you.

That went on for three days. On the fourth day, you went back to work.

As you stepped inside BigHit Entertainment, everyone was looking at you. They knew what happened three days ago as the news spread out quickly. Actually, Boram told everyone.

You went straight to Bang PD-nim's office to show him the Opening VCR before the meeting. As you were about to go in, you heard Boram inside.

"Bang PD-nim. Here is my version of the Opening VCR. You might consider this one for BTS's concert."

"Thank you Bora, but I'm still waiting for (Y/N)," he said.

"Well, we don't know when she will be coming back after what happened. Please keep this, just in case."

Then, she left. As she opened the door, she saw you there standing. She just gave you a smile and a wink. You didn't bother to look at her and just entered.

"Ah! (Y/N). You've finally come back. How are you?" Bang PD-nim said as he gave you a warm smile.

You smiled back and said "I'm good, Bang PD-nim. Here is the video for the Opening VCR."

You took out your USB and handed it to him.

"Ah! I'm sure it is amazing," he said.

You then grabbed something out of your bag and gave it to him. By the looks of it, he already knew what it was.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked.

You didn't look at him and just nodded your head.

"Well, if that is your wish then I will grant it."

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