Chapter 12: The Meeting (Part 1)

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BTS was invited to a variety show and you had to tag along to film some behind the scenes for Bangtan Bomb.

You were now in the car with BTS. You sat in the front seat while they were at the back.

Along the way, they were playing rock-paper-scissors on who would pay for their lunch afterwards.

Suddenly, an idea popped into your mind.

"I have a mission for you guys. The one who fails to do the mission would have to pay for lunch."

Jungkook had a huge grin on his face. He knew to himself that he would be able to beat his Hyungs even without trying.

They looked at each other to see whether the others agreed.

"Game," Jin said with excitement.

You gave them an evil smile and said, "Let's begin then."


You were now on the set of the variety show which was held outdoors. This variety show involved other popular groups. The chosen two groups then have to compete with one another.

The variety show was called "Dare To Try?". Basically, they would all be given the same three tasks, rating from easy to hard. If they succeeded at least two of the tasks, they would be crowned the Best Idol Group of The Month.

You were keeping an eye on them whether they would do their mission.

As they were starting, you could see that Yoongi was picking his nose and casually wiped it to the person next to him.

You just laughed internally knowing that he really did it.

The first task was finally given to them. They had to swim on the lake and grab the floating beach ball of their assigned group colour and swim back to shore. The first team that got back would win the first round.

You had a smirk written on your face as you knew exactly who would be next. It was the Golden Maknae.

Jungkook was known to be good in everything he does. Therefore, his mission was that he had to lose.

Jeon Jungkook's POV

"Up here on the 2nd lane we have Bangtan Sonyeondan golden maknae, Jeon Jungkook! We have high expectations of you!"

"Damn. This is going to ruin my reputation," I said to myself.

"No! I'm the Golden Maknae and the golden maknae never loses on a mission!"

After mentally talking to myself, I took my starting position. When I heard the beep went off, I purposely jumped late into the water.

As I was swimming to the blue beach ball, I noticed that the other team got their ball and was swimming back to shore. Therefore, I picked up my pace.

After grabbing the beach ball, I just casually swam back. I knew by that time, the other team would be back.

When I reached land, Jimin and Taehyung greeted me with a smile and a towel.

"You did good Jungkookie. Don't be sad," said Jimin.

"I'm fine," I said as I grabbed the towel from Taehyung.

After drying my hair, I looked at (Y/N) and gave her a thumbs up.

Your POV

"Wow. I didn't expect that he would actually do it,"I said to myself with a smile while clapping.

As I looked around, I saw Hoseok sitting on a bench with a long face. He had been sitting there since the show started.

That's exactly his mission. He had to be the opposite of his natural self, which means he had to turn from joyful Hobie to sad Hobie.

You noticed that he was looking at you, so you gave him a wave then winked indicating that he was doing a good job and he just replied with a weak peace sign.

Now, the second task was given to them. This time, they had to finish an obstacle course. As usual, the first group that finishes wins.

As you looked at the line of participants, you busted out into laughter after seeing Taehyung.

Kim Taehyung's POV

"Why do I have to wear this?"

I was wearing a tutu over my pants and my hair was tied into pigtails.

To not show that I was embarrassed, I just playful played with my tutu while showing my box-liked smile.

Afterwards, we took our starting position. When I heard the beep, I immediately ran as fast as I could, not caring about what I was wearing.

I climbed, crawled, sprint and jumped. It was surely tiring but it was worth it as I was first.

The other members greeted me at the finishing line and they all gave me a pat on the back.

"You did good V!" said Jin.

"Wah! You were so fast!" said Jimin.

"Hyung, you were so cool!" screamed Jungkook.

"Good job." said depressed Hoseok.

"Hyung is proud of you," said Suga with a smile.

"Damn! You were like a cheetah!" exclaimed Namjoon.

I just stratched the back of my head and said thanks to them.

Your POV

You clapped with amazement. You didn't think that Taehyung would finish it first because of his tutu, guess you were wrong.

To be continued...

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