Chapter 13: The Meeting (Part 2)

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Before they started the last task, a short break was announced.

You took seven bottled water to the members and gave them warm packs each as it was freezing cold. It was January after all.

"Hey Jungkook, was the water cold?" Jimin asked.

Jungkook just shooked his head and said, "It was bearable."

Taehyung heard their conversation and started laughing "Liar! You were freezing when you got out of the water!"

They all laughed, remembering Jungkook's face when he got out of the icy cold water and you laughed along.

"Well, now we only have Jimin, Jin and Namjoon left. Who do you guys think would lose?" you asked.

"I believe Jimin-Hyung wouldn't be able to do his mission!" Jungkook said confidently.

"Yah! I'll be able to do it!" shouted Jimin.

"We just have to see later. You guys are now neck-to-neck with the other group so do your best! Hwaiting!" you cheered for them. 

What you didn't notice, Namjoon was just looking at you the entire time. He even took a picture of you from afar when you were watching Taehyung compete. Creeper much!

When you noticed that he was staring at you, he immediately looked away and cleared his throat.

"Hey, you okay?" asked Jin.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Participants! We will start the last tasks now!" said one of the staff.

"Go go! Goodluck!" you said to them.

"As for your last tasks, each group would need to choose three members to compete for the first half of the task. For the first half, you have to look for the Golden Egg that is hidden deep in the woods. This is a test of your teamwork." said the announcer.

"Afterwards, you would have to get out of the woods and give the Golden Egg to the remaining members of your group. Then, they have to return the Golden Egg to its mother that is walking around this area. The first group to return the egg wins!" the announcer continued.

After hearing the last task, you began to be excited. This is going to be a huge and fun game!

"But there is a lot of us, do we all have to compete?" said the other group.

"No. Please choose seven members in your group to compete with BTS."

As they were choosing, you went up to Jin with a bag makeup kits.

"Ready for your next mission?" you said with an evil smile.

"Ready? Set. GO!"

All three members of each group started running into the woods looking for the Golden Egg.

For BTS, the maknae line was the one looking for the egg. When you saw Jimin, you laughed out loud. He was wearing three layers of winter coats so it made him looked like a snowman.

BTS was at their disadvantage. Jimin was moving slowly due to the heavy coats but he didn't give up, he tried his very best to move faster.

They only had 10 minutes to look for the egg and if both teams didn't found it, they both lose.

As the other team was looking for the egg, the other four members were at their starting point, waiting.

Everyone was looking at Jin. This time, not for his good looks, but because of the heavy makeup he had on.

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