Chapter 6: Your 1st Day

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Last night, you slept extra early to have as much energy that you would need for your first day on the job. You even woke up early to avoid being late.

You wore a black top, black ripped jeans and, of course, your favourite shoes, red converse high.

Afterwards, you packed the things you thought that you might need. Your camera, a notebook and a pen. You don't want to bring much on your first day since you don't want to suffer walking around with a heavy bag on your back.

Suddenly, you remembered the book you found yesterday at the cafe. You started contemplating whether or not to bring it. "Ehh! Might as well bring it in case I have some time to kill." You then grabbed the book and shove it inside your bag. "Done!"

Then, you were out of the door, ready to face the world with courage. As you were walking to the bakery to grab something to eat, you suddenly felt nervous.

What if the other workers don't like me? What if I'm not good enough? What if the people I'm going to work with are cruel and mean? WHAT IF I MAKE A FOOL OUT OF MYSELF?!

All these questions were running in your mind that you didn't notice you were already standing outside of the bakery and everyone's eyes were at you. You shook your head and let out a sigh.

Who cares what people think! I can do this! I will work hard for myself and my family.

With that, you smiled and walked inside to buy your breakfast.

Meanwhile, at BigHit Entertainment headquarters.

"Alright, boys. Soon, your new cameraman-" The manager said but was cut off by Jimin.

"Correction! Camerawoman!"

"Yes. Soon, your new camerawoman will be arriving. She will meet you guys here, so I want you guys to stay put and behave. This is her first job so don't give her such a hard time. Araso?"

"Ne!" Namjoon said.

Since everyone understood the arrangements, the manager left to wait for you at the entrance.

When you got to the headquarters, you were breathing heavily. You were by the entrance and your hands were on your knees. Why were you in this state?

Well, after buying your breakfast, you went to the bus stop to wait for your ride. During the ride, you were distracted by the view outside the bus window, which made you missed your stop. You got down to the next stop and ran back, afraid to be late.

So, there you were covered in sweat and tired. A good way to start a day.

"Good morning (Y/N). You are certainly early." said the manager.

When you checked your watch, you were 10 minutes late. You sighed then bowed.

"I apologize for being late Sir. It would never happen again." you apologized.

"It better be. Please follow me."

You wiped your sweat from your forehead then followed the manager. You followed him to a room and you thought that he would be talking to you about your duties alone but you were wrong.

Inside, there sat the members of BTS. Of course, you were shocked. They were sitting there in front of you and all of them were staring at you!

Kim Namjoon's POV

We were sitting quietly in the office waiting for our manager and new camerawoman to arrive. A few minutes later, the door was pushed open, stepped in our manager and- Wow. She's beautiful.

I was absolutely out of words when I saw her. My eyes widen and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. However, I was distracted when our manager spoke.

"So, this is your new camerawoman, (Y/N). She will be filming and interviewing you guys everytime you guys have a shoot. Once again, please treat her nicely."

We all eyed her again and she gave us a smile.

" Annyeonghaseyo. Jeoneun (Y/N)-imnida. Nice to meet you all." she said with a bow. Wow, her Korean is good.

"Well then, you all shall now go back to your schedules. Annyeong."

Afterwards, we all left except for (Y/N). I hope that she would be joining us soon.

Author's POV

"Uh, sir? May I ask, do I have an office?" you asked.

"Oh yes. Turn left and you'll see a lady at the front desk. She's my assistant. Just tell her your name and she will show it to you."

"Thank you." you bowed at him then left.

You followed his instruction and saw a lady behind the desk, typing away on her cell phone. 

"Excuse me. I'm (Y/N), the new camerawoman," you said to the lady.

When she faced you, she gave you a dirty look, giving you the vibes that she doesn't like you.

"Oh. So you are here." she just sighed and stood up. "Follow me."

You raised an eyebrow then followed her. Soon, you guys arrived in an office with no people.

"Here is your office." 

She then stepped closer and said straightforwardly, "Just to make things clear to you, I don't like you."

"Oh. Alright," you said with a faint smile.

She glared at you before leaving you there all alone. You didn't question her sudden confession as you didn't want to waste your time with her. You needed to focus on your job and your job only.

"Well, that was a good start."

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