Chapter 4: 3 Years Later

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You were walking down the street of Seoul just wandering around. How did you get to Seoul you ask?

Well, after college, you decided that it was time to stand on your own feet and try to find yourself in this mysterious world. After looking through different countries to choose from, you've come to the conclusion to start a new life in Seoul, South Korea.

That takes us back to the present. It was now Winter and you were looking for a cafe that had an English menu. You were still not so confident with your Korean even though you've attended several lessons back in your hometown. After walking endlessly, you've finally found the perfect cafe that suited your needs, Paraiso.

You took off your beanie and went inside. Once you stepped in, you could smell the sweet aroma of coffee and tea. You took a deep breath to let the scent sink in.

"Ahh! That smells lovely." You said with a smile.

Lucky for you, there weren't a plethora of people at that time. Maybe just enough to make the cafe busy. You went up to the counter and looked at their menu. There were a handful of drinks to choose from. Americano, Mocha, Latte, Cappucino, Cookies and Cream, Espresso, Caramel Frappucino etc. Apart from that, they serve snacks. Cheesecakes, sandwiches and salads are some vivid examples.

You bite your lower lip trying to figure out what to order. After battling with yourself, you finally made your choice.

"I would like to get an Iced Americano and blueberry cheesecake please."

"Certainly." said the counter lady.

A few minutes later, you got your order. Then, you walked around the cafe looking for a vacant seat. What's special about this cafe was that it had small see-through glassed rooms, which could give people some quiet time and privacy.

You went to the glassed rooms area and checked whether there was an empty room. As you were searching, a tall man came out of one of the rooms. He was wearing all black, except for his shirt which was grey and he was carrying a number of books.

You smiled knowing there was an empty room and went inside. As you put your bag and your meal down, you noticed that there was a book left on the table, titled Romeo and Juliet. You immediately took the book and ran out of the cafe. You knew that the book was from the guy that went out of the room and hoping that he was nearby so you could return it.

You looked left and right trying to look for him. However, he was nowhere to be seen.

You looked down at the book and opened it. On the first page, there was a signature with two letters 'RM' next to it.

What does RM stand for? You thought to yourself.

You closed the book, looked around once again and went back inside.


"Namjoon-Hyung, what are you looking for?" Jungkook asked.

"I can't find one of the books I brought with me, Romeo and Juliet!"

"Then why are you looking here at home when you brought it out with you?" Hoseok said while he was eating his pudding.

Namjoon stopped looking then facepalmed himself. Hoseok chuckled and said, "You could be so dumb sometimes."

Namjoon then sat down on their sofa and said, "I'll just go back tomorrow to the cafe and ask whether they have found it or not." He then let out a huge sigh of frustration.

"Why are you so worked up? It's just a book." Jungkook said with a hint of curiosity.

Namjoon faced him and said "I like that book because it's English. I'm trying to enhance my English proficiency and learn new vocabulary. Besides, Romeo and Juliet was written by Shakespeare, so it is quite hard to read. Therefore, I challenged myself to finish it."

Jungkook simply nodded and understood his Hyung's reasoning.

Namjoon sighed again and looked at the ceiling. Then, he remembered the girl that went inside the glassed room after him. She might have found it and kept it. He thought to himself.

The bad news was, he couldn't remember how she looked like. Except, she was wearing red converse high.

Hello :) Just to clarify somethings. The name of the cafe, it's not real. I made it up x'D just in case maybe you guys thought it was a real cafe.

Also, for the drinks. I just randomly wrote any drinks that came into my mind. I even asked my sister and cousin xD hahaha So, if one of the drinks are not really coffee, please forgive me.

Yeah, that's about it I guess :) Hope you guys like this chapter. Share it with others and comment on what you guys think about it so far. :) Stay tuned!

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