Chapter 14: A Good Day or A Bad Day?

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"Hooray! We completed our mission!" shouted Taehyung enthusiastically.

The others joined him and were jumping in circles. As for you, you were just by the corner, drinking your juice.

Namjoon saw you and decided to go up to you, but before he could someone else got to you first.


You looked up and saw the only person you would never want to see again.

"May I sit next to you?" asked Vernon.

You didn't reply. You just stood up and left him there hanging. He watched you walked away until you left the building.

Namjoon saw everything and was confused with the whole situation. So, he went out to look for you.

The snow was falling beautifully and it covered everything in white. Namjoon was walking everywhere to look for you. As he looked in the distance, there you were, standing by the lake all by yourself.

He stopped in his tracks when he saw you. Your beauty took his breath away. In his eyes, you were the most beautiful person that he had ever seen. Suddenly, he felt an ache in his heart. When he saw your face, it had pain written all over it. He didn't like seeing you in so much pain. Then, an idea popped up in his mind.

He cupped a huge amount of snow in his hands and shaped it into a ball. When he was satisfied, he threw it at your direction.

You jumped from where you were. The snowball didn't hit you and that's exactly what Namjoon intended.

You turned around and saw him laughing out loud. You eyed him while you made a snowball. As he was busy laughing, you took the chance and hit him directly on his arm.

He gasped and looked at you with wide eyes. Now, it was your turn to laugh.

"Revenge is sweet," you said then laughed some more.

He grinned and started making more snowballs. You immediately ran behind a huge rock and made more snowballs.

You stayed in your position for quite some time, and when you thought Namjoon gave up, you took a peek to see where he was.

Out of nowhere, a snowball came flying your way. Then, you started throwing your own snowballs.

What seemed to be a gloomy day for you, turned out to be filled with lots of laughter and fun.

Soon, the snowball fight came to an end. You and Namjoon breathed heavily but still had a smile on your faces.

"I won." you said.

"Fine. You win this time." he said while still breathing heavily.

He gestured you to come closer to him and he put his arms around your shoulder to make you warmer.

You blushed at his sudden gesture and Namjoon smiled as he saw it.

"Thanks. I do feel kinda cold."

"Yeah. We better go before we get sick."

You guys entered a restaurant that Jin texted to Namjoon. The decor was absolutely amazing. It really gave out that home kind of feel.

In the distance, you could hear some chatters and laughter, without even looking at who they were, you already knew it was the others.

You and Namjoon approached the private dining area and the others bid you welcome.

"(Y/N), since we all succeeded in our mission, are you the one paying for our lunch?" Taehyung asked while showing off his box-like smile.

You rolled your eyes and sighed "Fine fine. I'll pay."

All of them cheered and jumped off of their seats. You laughed at how silly and crazy they were. At that moment, you forgot about why you were sad and the pain that you were feeling.

After lunch, it was time to go back to the office and BTS had to practise for their coming up concert in March. They only had 2 months left so they really have to practise hard for it. Also, they want to show a cool performance for their ARMYS and not disappoint them.

This time, you didn't ride with them since they were going to another direction. You said your farewells and headed for the van with the other staff members.

"(Y/N)!" one of the staffs shouted.

You turned around and saw one of them running to you.

"Someone wants to give this to you."

You looked down at the letter on her hand and took it.

"Who's it from?"

"Someone just gave it to me and told me to give it to you," she replied then hopped inside the van.

You had a confused look on your face, wondering who this letter was from. You opened it and it wrote...

"Dear (Y/N),
I'm sure you know who this is. Could I invite you for coffee or something? Please? Call me."

Then a number was written at the bottom. You knew who exactly it was from. It was clear that it was from Vernon. You rolled your eyes then crumpled the piece of paper before putting it in your pocket.

How could he just invite you out after all that he has done to you? He thinks that you could just forgive him that easily? No way!

Once you got in the van, you shut the door and sat there quietly.

Next to you was Boram who was eyeing you from head to toe.

"I see you have a history with one of the Seventeen members, Vernon."

You looked at her straight in the eyes and said firmly "It's none of your business."

"Oh. Defensive," she said with a grin.

You looked out of the window, annoyed by Boram. When will she stop bugging you?
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"Someone is here to see you."

"Who is it?" you asked with an eyebrow raised.

"What are you doing here?"

"I just want to talk to you."

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