Chapter Six: Getting to Know You - Again?

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My scared heart was pounding as fast as a galloping mustang as I waited for her answer. It seemed like forever until she replied. Oh hurry up and tell me yes or no will you?! My face must've looked so uncool in those nerve racking moments.

Am I blushing? Oh my Shinigami. So not cool.

Maka finally spoke after pondering the question for what felt like hours. "Y-... Yes. I would like that very much. I mean, you know, sure. Sounds fun." A bit of bright pink accented her gorgeous face.

"Cool." I gave her my signature half grin, showing my pointy teeth. I hope my smile doesn't scare her... My looks have been known to make people run away from me...

Her face suddenly turned serious and my smirk drooped a little. "I have just one question for you," she said, crossing her arms and jutting her hip out, making it look like she had curves. Death she's actually pretty hot. My eyes widened.

Really? Dude. I gulped to try and push down these thoughts of lust that were surfacing in my head. I looked down at the floor, not meeting her eyes for the time being. "Uh... Y-yeah? What is it?"

She paused and said, "What's your name?" The girl looked up at me innocently with a flash of curiosity in her viridian eyes.

"M-my name? Uh... I-it's Soul. Uh, S-Soul Eater..." I rubbed the back of my neck, somewhat embarrassed that I hadn't introduced myself prior to her asking.

That's all she wanted to ask? Huh. I thought she was gonna ask if I lived with my parents or something. This girl isn't too prying, which I guess is a nice thing. I smirked to myself.

"Soul Eater, huh? Kind of a funny name." She mused, her face brightening.

"H-hey..." I said looking down.

"I like it." She smiled radiantly up at me, extending her right arm, keeping her left one crossed over her chest, making an armrest for her outstretched limb. "Well, Soul, I'm Maka. Maka Albarn. Hm." She lifted the corners of her mouth making a small, happy hum.

I took her hand in mine and shook it firmly. "Maka. Yeah. Nice name." I smiled back.

"So..." I said, dragging out the word. "Do you wanna come to my place? You know, so we can try resonating and have some privacy?" She looked at me like I was insane. Then I realized how that must have sounded.

Oi! You baka! You don't just ask a girl you just met to go to your damn apartment with you! Are you out of your frickin' mind?! Gah! I'm such an imbecile!

My eyes grew ten sizes and my hands shot up defensively, waving back and forth. I mentally slap my forehead with the palm of my hand. "I-I mean, if you wanna go to the park or somewhere with a bunch of people around, that's cool too! But if you come to my place I promise I won't try anything on you. I mean, why would a cool guy like me try anything on a flat chested little girl like you? Eh, heh..."

I mentally smacked my head a thousand times. Flat chested?! Little girl?! What was I trying to do? Get her to smash me in the face with her fist?!

She glared at me and puffed out her cheeks. Death she looks adorable. - Adorable? Who am I? Erika Frog? Mental-Smack. Again.

I was sweating bullets at this point. I can't believe that's what I came up with to say to save my skin. Yeah. That turned out to be helpful. My behavior is so not cool right now. Man this girl throws me way off my game.

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