Chapter Seventeen: Lost Trust Fragile Heart

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Soul was acting seriously weird. Why did his personality change so drastically? How did it change so quickly? He never answered my questions. He just stood there with his mouth gaping and his eyes bulging, practically popping out of his thick skull.

I wiped away the tears that had accumulated onto my pale cheeks and sniffed a little, trying to stop my nose from spilling it's own upset tears if I didn't.

I let my arm fall to my side and I looked at the ground, my bangs hiding my eyes from Soul's gaze. I sniffed again and spoke in a quiet voice. "I don't know what happened just a moment ago, Soul." I paused and took a raspy breath, filling my burning lungs with the soothing air.

I swallowed and continued, looking him straight in his bloody eyes.

"But obviously it was a bad idea to come here. I'll let myself out. You don't have to worry about being a gentleman. I mean, why start now, right?" I gave a small huff through my nose at my snide comment. "I'll see you later, Soul... I guess."

With that I walked down the hallway and to the door of his apartment. Soul didn't follow me, and for some reason that made me feel even more upset. I couldn't hold back the oncoming flow of tears any longer. A small whimper escaped my lips and I couldn't stop them. I placed my shaking hand on the black doorknob and turned my body to the side, keeping my eyes downcast.

"Do me a favor, Soul." A small pause followed my tortured words. "Don't come after me. I don't need a man in my life... Especially a boy. And I can't believe I didn't learn that lesson from my papa!" With that I opened the door and the sobs flowed out from my quivering lips. I ran out into the rain, slamming the door behind me.

Why did I even listen to him?! He promised! All boys are exactly the same! Pigs! Liers! Womanizers! All of them! ... Even Soul. My pent up anger at my father accumulated and added onto my newly felt sadness and hurt from Soul and I burst out a bloodcurdling scream and some vulgar words that I had never thought about saying aloud before.


I looked up in shock at my own words, vision all but blinded by the down pour that was surrounding me, and looked blankly down the vacant, abandoned street. As soon as I lifted my head, my face turned from shock into something of a mirror into my heart. A face of a broken hearted, and broken down, little girl.

I fell upon my knees and clutched my face in my fists and began sobbing to myself, somewhat loudly. I mean, what was the point of being quiet? No one was around to hear me. And no one was around to care...


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