Chapter Twenty-Three: The Piano Room

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I opened my eyes to see darkness. Nothing around me, floating in a reddish-black hue of shadows. I caught something in the corner of my eye. A blue orb with three rubbery spikes on top of it's head and a squiggly tail trailing behind it.

It was floating over to me.

"Soul... So he must have been saying 'let's go, soul resonance' earlier. ....."

Slightly disappointed, I hovered there thinking about everything he had told me about what had happened yesterday evening. When he had ran into the pouring rain to find me and bring me back, he had said something about feeling like he's known me for a long time... I kind of feel that way too... but I can't put my finger on why...

His soul bounced its way over to my side and nuzzled my hand. I looked down and smiled at it and I watched as it smirked at me like before. I've really got to ask Stein about that...

The smirking orb looked up at me and began to inch away towards a large object that was hard to see in the overly dim lighting. I followed after it to see what the object floating in the shadows was. As I got closer I could start to make out a giant outline in the darkness.

I stopped and just hovered there for a few moments, squinting in the gloomy, endless space. Hand crafted wood moldings began to form. Then a frame. Then a door. Then a dark red handle...

I gazed around slowly for the little smirking soul and eventually found it looking at me and motioning towards the doorknob while it floated beside its wooden frame. I furrowed my eyebrows and it smiled fully, closing it's hollow eyes.

I brought my stare back to the gigantic mahogany door. I was beyond curious. Why did Soul's soul lead me here? I gently raised my right hand and lightly grasped the knob. I looked once more at the little soul that was flashing its tiny smirk once again and then pulled on the door.

It swung towards me easily and I moved swiftly out of the way of the thick slab of wood. I peered inside but all I found was an entryway into deeper darkness. No room. No floor. No anything. I looked questioningly at the bobbing soul beside me and, again, it motioned for me to go on. My right eyebrow rose but I turned back to the nonexistent contents behind the mysterious doorway, my curiosity taking over my better judgment. Taking in a deep suspicious breath, I stepped one foot at a time into the empty space.

"Where is this taking me?" I wondered aloud. "This is really bizarre. Even for Soul's soul." It was pitch black and I couldn't see my own two hands in front of my face. I felt a slight pressure roll over my body as I continued to walk, and a shimmering light began to inch its way along my skin and my clothes. The space wasn't bright enough for me to see what was truly happening to what was touched by the sliver of cerulean shaded light.

It feels like I'm wearing something long, but something that can slightly flow. And... am I walking in heels?

I pressed on. Moving in the direction that I supposed was going straight. I had turned my head back, a while ago, when I heard the door close behind me. It had disappeared as quickly as it had showed up. There was no going back. There was only going forward. "Deathit. When is this 'hallway' going to end?" I sighed, growing bored of the consistent walking to nowhere.

"Ack-!" I hit something hard and solid, effectively causing my nose to ooze warm blood. "Ugh... By mose... Ah... What the hell." I pinched my bruising nostrils with one hand to cease the flow, and with the other I felt around for an exit of some kind. It wasn't long before I noticed a slight color change from undetectable black to a dark shade of red. I ran my free hand across the new colored wall and eventually found a medium sized, black metal door handle.

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