Chapter Thirteen: Finally Letting Go?

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I felt empty space where Maka's hands had been holding mine. I sigh quietly and open my eyes, dropping my head to stare at my feet. I take my hands and shove them again into my jacket pockets.

Slouching as always, I kick the dust on my apartment floor softly with the toe of my right shoe. I didn't like how willingly I was letting certain thoughts surface in my mind.

What a rush. Did I really just resonate with someone else? I suppose... I suppose I can finally start letting the past go. I feel like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders and my soul has gotten a little lighter. Can one girl really make me feel like this? I thought it would never happen again. I guess... I was wrong.

I stare at the floor, scowling for a few moments, battling with myself internally over the issue of my subconscious thinking.

What was I doing? I wasn't about to just let these thoughts stick in my head without a proper fight. That wouldn't be cool of myself.

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait! A! Minute! What the hell am I thinking? That wasn't a rush! That wasn't even a spark! No... No, not even a spark.

I sighed.

... I can't have another partner.

No. I don't want another partner! And I definitely don't need a 'Nosey-Nancy' like her to be my meister, that's for death sure.

I closed my eyes again and slightly furrowed my white eyebrows, pushing and pulling myself in different ways.

The gusts of wind had ceased to swish and sway my body. Maka's hands, her warmth, was no longer there in my own calloused fingers. I had nothing to distract my mind with.

I wish I hadn't asked to stop resonating with her, and I wish I could still be holding her soft fingers. But if we had continued any longer, it would have seemed weird since we were just testing our compatibility as meister and weapon partners... Right? And she might have been able to see more then she needed to know about me again.

I breathed heavily through my nose, my mouth forming a frown.

I should probably open my eyes and look at her.

My eyelids raised slowly. Despite everything, I found myself not wanting to leave the beautiful dream of being so closely connected with Maka, her soul, and her wonderful thoughts.

Okay. Next stop, Stein's creepy house to get my brain checked out. So not cool. I mentally groaned at the thought of seeing Stein about anything body related. A slight shiver went through my spine just imagining it.

As I lifted my head and my eyes opened, I became unintentionally locked in a staring contest with gaping holes of deep, glistening, emerald green. My skin, like a burst of flames, was lit underneath the surface, and I could feel an incredibly uncomfortable heat creeping up from my neck, through my face, covering every square inch of my head.

Majorly uncool. I gulp nonexistent saliva down my increasingly dry throat, loud enough to make Maka give me a strange look of confusion at the out of character reaction.

"Soul, is something wrong? You seem flustered and your entire head is really red." She said, tilting her face to the side. She was looking at me with a series of facial expressions of concern, worry, and confusion. Maka gently raised her arm to place the back of her hand on my forehead which was beaded with sweat. The contact of her skin on mine only made my blood bowl more.

"I think you might be coming down with something." She said in a concerned tone.

Flashbacks of my childhood flooded my vision.

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