Chapter Twenty-Six: Old Memories Become New

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The morning sun hit my face with a delicate touch of warmth, granting me a peaceful wake up call for the first time in what felt like forever. I yawned and rubbed my eyes gently as I slowly sat up in the bed. Looking around, I realized I wasn't in my usual dank room. Memories of the previous day flooded my mind as I remembered where I was and who I was with.

My face flushed a little, embarrassed that I was in a stranger's, (much less a boy's), apartment. I then realized I had absolutely nothing here to get myself ready with, including a clean set of clothes.

"Crap! I never thought that far ahead!" I slid off the bed and made it quickly, slipping my shoes on my feet. I hadn't taken my uniform off from yesterday before I went to bed so it was covered in wrinkles from sleeping in it. I pressed it down a few times with my hands to try to get some of them to go away and fixed my hair the best I could. I tiptoed through the apartment, careful not to wake Soul if he was still sleeping, and made my way through the living room towards the door.

I'll just run home really quick, take a fast shower, get ready, and rush back over here before he wakes up! I had my hand on the silver doorknob, about to turn it and leave when I heard soft footsteps behind me. I froze and looked back.

"You know, if you're leaving to get ready, you're welcome to do it here." A tired voice said from the kitchen. I stepped away from the door and peered in the direction of the fridge. Soul, clad only his boxers and white, ankle-high socks, was grabbing a milk carton from the side door. "Oh! Uh, no! I was just going out for some, um... air! Yeah, uh, that's it. Ah, heh, heh..."

I rubbed the back of my head nervously and closed my eyes smiling, placing my other arm awkwardly behind my back.

Why did I need to lie about that? Wait - Why am I sneaking around here in the first place? Why am I acting so weird?

Soul looked over at me and lifted a thick white eyebrow. "Right... Ok. Well, I didn't really get any sleep last night, so I put a new toothbrush and hairbrush out for you on the far right side of the bathroom counter. You can use my shower if you need to. There are plenty of clean towels in the closet next to the sink. The shampoo, conditioner and soap bars are underneath it."

My eyes were a little large. He did all that... for me? I snapped out of my thoughts to answer him before the silence became too awkward. "U-Uh, yeah, thank you. I really appreciate it." I smiled at him and made my way to the bathroom.

"Yah." He replied simply, turning his face from me. "I can wash your uniform for you before we go to Stein's later if you want. Just leave 'em in a pile er somethin' outside the bathroom door." I turned back and stared at him in surprise at the sudden kindness. "Th-that would be really nice... Thank you, Soul..." I smiled sweetly at him, lifting the sides of my lips slowly and turning back around to open the bathroom door.

"Uh, y-yeah. Like I said before, n-no problem..." I huffed quietly through my nose and smiled to myself before shutting the door softly behind me.

I took off my uniform slowly, blushing more and more with each item I took off. I'll just cover myself with a towel when I place them outside the door for Soul.


But what about my underwear?! Oh my Shinigami! I didn't think about that! Oh... What am I gonna do? I can't let him see my panties and my bra! Especially my bra! I'll never hear the end of 'tiny-tits' if he sees that!

Okay. Calm down, Maka. I'll just... keep them with me! They aren't that dirty from yesterday, anyways. Yeah. I opened the bathroom closet and wrapped a towel tightly around my torso so all of me was covered. I opened the door quietly and peered through to make sure Soul wasn't anywhere to be seen. I bent down to place my clothes on the floor when the towel slipped, exposing my body for a fraction of a second before I squeaked suddenly and hastily wrapped it around myself again.

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