Chapter Twenty: Her Knight in Off-White Jacket?

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Demon stopped talking and I stood there, letting my mind soak everything in. The girl... Diana... The memories... The feelings... The utter betrayal...

I had been blocking and repressing those thoughts of her ever since that night. Why did he have to bring them up now?! Why her? Of all crummy, shitty things! Why Diana?

I looked down at my shirt, at the spot where my scar started, and clutched it making a fist. Why, Diana? Why did you let me almost die for you and still not love me? I just don't understand. I want to understand. I growled softly as I felt a warm tear trickle down my cheek and burst on the floor.

I took a shaky breath and opened my mouth to speak. "You still haven't answered all of my questions," I said blankly. He turned around suddenly with a wide-eyed expression. "What, Soul? What questions would those be?"

I looked up at him and scowled. "Who are the incessant thoughts about? I feel like there's something I keep forgetting that I need to remember for some reason." Right after I said that the left side of my brain began to pound and I reached up to hold it gently. At the same time, my scar started to throb painfully and my right hand shot up to clutch the area where it began at my left shoulder.

"Ahh..." I hissed through clenched teeth, squeezing my eyes shut. I opened my right eye to squint over at him from where he stood, watching me with a knowing smirk on his ugly mug. I know he knows the answer. But this time there will be no getting around it. He either answers me, or I'll pummel him into a pulp. His choice. I smirked through the pain showing my sharp abundant teeth and waited for his response.

He seemed to have read my mind, which at the moment, was probably easier than reading a large, bolded title on a piece of print paper. He frowned deeply and gave a very unpleasant reaction with his expression. "My, Soul, you really do have a way with showing how you feel." I looked at him, puzzled. "What do you mean?"

"I merely mean that you are very aggressive when it comes to showing emotion. I believe this also relates back to Diana. You two were very close, were you not?" I turned my gaze to the floor and kept silent. "Well. You felt very close to her, is probably the better way to put it."

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "Yeah. Thanks for the walk down shitty memory lane, but we've already established the Diana situation. So get over it. Now, answer my question or I'll pummel you into next week. 'Course if I can hit you hard enough to make you go away forever, that would be cool too." I gave my signature half grin, looking up at the demon, evilly, plotting his demise.

"Eh... Ok, Soul. Since you are only giving me one option here, I suppose there will be no dodging it if I do not comply with your demmands. So, the girl that keeps haunting your every waking thought is, in fact, someone who is already very important to you and you've only just met her today. Or at least, that's what you think.

"You see, my dear Soul, you're relationship with this young girl goes back much farther than you realize. That's all I can tell you on the matter, for now. You will have to figure that mystery out for yourself. But, I can tell you her name if you'd like..." He looked at me, intrigued, in a really unstable-ing way.

I peered up at him for a short moment before looking away, hesitantly, not trusting the demon enough to completely turn my back on him. I contemplated what he told me, trying to figure out her identity on my own, hoping it would come to me in a burst of... well, whatever a burst of whatever would have in it.

I only just met her today... 'so I think.' But our relationship goes farther back than I realize... Wait. I... I remember a- A baby... Then an infant... And then a small girl... The same child growing up throughout the spread of time.

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