Chapter Ten: Perfect Resonation - Part II

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"Give me your hands," I told him in a quiet whisper. He looked down at me with a curiosity and also cautious skepticism, but eventually did as I said in a careful manner. Slowly, almost daze-like, Soul lifted his hands out from inside of his pockets and held them out in midair.

I watched his hands spread open for me and I grasped them gently, intertwining my delicate fingers with his calloused ones. His hands are so strong, I thought. He gulped in air as I lightly closed my eyes.

Smiling to myself I melted into the darkness of my veiled vision and payed attention solely to the rhythm of Soul's breathing matching pace with mine.

Not wanting to over think anything at the moment, but ultimately falling short, my right foot stuttered forward, my entire body swaying gently towards his toned chest. In that moment my breath caught and I held myself still like a statue.

My eyebrows furrowed and I started to move my leg back when I felt a shift in the position of Soul's body. I peeked at him, opening one leery eyelid, and following soon after, the other slowly lifted, bringing me back into the sunset lit living room. I gazed at him, watching the calm movement, up and down, of his chest as he breathed, in and out, from his lungs.

He had placed his feet farther forward, closing the space so our faces were less than an inch away from each other's lips. His eyes remained closed and he looked completely relaxed. Peaceful, almost. I took a long, silent breath inward through my nose and held it for a moment before the corners of my mouth lifted the tiniest bit and my head cocked to the side in a gentle angle. I studied his face, taking note of every line, every scar, every eyelash, every slight twitch which would otherwise go unnoticed. He truly was beautiful.

Still smiling, my eyelids blocked my vision once more and with feather like sensitivity, I tilted my head so that my forehead brushed against his. The strange thing wasn't that he didn't flinch or resist, or even that, for a brief second, I could feel his eyebrows crease in the middle. But instead, that he sighed gently through his nose, letting out the smallest of hums through his closed lips, and twisted his forehead against mine, pressing them further together. It sent a tingle down my spine. It was exhilirating. And, for some reason, it felt... right, to have my forehead against his in that way...

I took a deep breath and quietly uttered "Let's go. Soul Resonance..." and the floor became a flurry of wind, twisting and turning all around us. Our hair was flying everywhere and our clothes were getting completely wrinkled in the tornado swirling in the room.


It's dark... Where am I? Is this... Soul's Soul Resonance? Our Soul Resonance...? I peered around as I floated there alone in the darkness. Soul's soul... It's blue. Hm. It fits his personality just like his skeleton key had. I giggled softly to myself. "Soul sure is something."

As I said this I didn't realize that I was reaching out to grasp his bouncing soul.

The moment I wrapped my arms around it and held it close to my heart, I felt a massive weight lift from my shoulders and my breathing became easier. The perfection of our resonance washed over me like a calm ocean wave. Does he feel this too? I wonder...

"Soul..." I whispered his name for no one to hear. Then I felt something else as his soul began to open up to me. The top of it's 'head' parting forming a circular opening. A sky blue mist started to pour out and creep along my skin. He's a strong person. He's been through a lot. He's won a great deal of battles... but there were a few that he had lost. Some personal, and others not.

I closed my eyes, willing for deeper information, and the little soul in front of me stretched its opening wider, a deeper shade of blue mist flowing out, wrapping around and inching up my arms. My eyelids snapped open and I could feel Soul's physical body beginning to twitch in my grasp outside of our soul's, bringing me out of my concentration.

He soon began to convulse and attempt to push me away. I forced my grip to tighten around his fingers. I'm not about to just let you go like this, Soul. I never give up. That's just one thing that you'll have to learn about me - if we become partners. ... Though I'm not sure if you'll really want to be after I do this. But what is it that's lying deeper? I have to know...

I closed my eyes again, forcing the soul to open even more. The blue mist became a dark cerulean color and enveloped my neck. Soul's body was struggling and bucking, trying it's best to pull his hands away from my metal grip. Our foreheads long ago separated.

Before I could get any closer to the answer of the odd feeling, the mist, along with our resonation, started to quiver and shake. The mist drew back into his soul's open 'head', which closed with a sharp sucking sound and my eyes once again snapped open in surprise.

I was gasping for air after being pulled so suddenly from so deep into his soul.

While I tried to catch my breath within our resonation, Soul was able to shove my physical body away from himself, effectively breaking the soul connection.

My conciousness forcefully threw me back into reality and it felt like I had been sucker punched in the abdomin causing the wind to be knocked out of my screaming lungs. I looked up at him, bent over and clutching my stomach, still gasping softly for air, my eyes a twisted image of exasperation and terrible worry, and his a tortured mixture of rage and resentment. As I watched his eyes churn and swirl his emotions together, I could only bring one terrifying thought, one dyer question, to mind.

Soul... What happened to you...?


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