Chapter Fifteen: Confused and Alone?

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What's happening? Why am I in a black room? And what the hell am I doing in a black pin stripe tux with a red tie? I look around the dark room for any answers that may surface for me to peace together with my questions; but all I find in the room is a chair. What the heck is going on? I sighed, already bored with the situation. Getting stuck in a random room with no doors or widows. Well this isn't cool.

I sit in the chair and just stay still, doing absolutely nothing but sitting there and breathing. I stared in the direction of the other side of the room for what seemed like an eternity.

Sitting there, I had no memory of ever entering that place... or changing for that matter. And I found myself wondering about some girl. But who, I couldn't put my finger on. The questions were: Where did she go? Who am I thinking about? Is she alright? Who am I thinking about? Am I still physically with her? Who am I thinking about?! Or am I completely gone from her, all together? Who is it that I'm thinking about?!

Ugh! I can't focus! Who is this stupid girl I keep thinking about and why do I keep thinking about her? And why do I care so much? My hands balled into fists and I could feel a wave of - what can only be described as madness - hit me like a train as I sat there trying to sort out my thoughts.

I haven't cared this much for someone since Diana died two years ago and that's-

"Mm..." I sighed heavily through my nose, my thoughts cutting off.


My fists released a bit of their tension and settled on my lap at the memories of my former... well I don't really talk about it anymore, or think about it. It's just way too painful. It's not cool to show a weakness.

I held my right fist with my left hand and bowed my head; breathing softly, I closed my eyes and started thinking to myself again.

Why is this new girl so important to me? Who is she? I have to know! .... But, I don't even know where I am.

I decided it was time to stop racking my brain for answers that I didn't have and start searching around the basically empty, but seemingly never ending, room for some clues on how to get out of here.

I get up from the soft chair to begin looking, when I hear music. But not just any music...

Piano music? It's dark, but beautiful. How can such a contrast exist? It's just not plausible. Yet, the tune sounds so familiar... "Grrrrrrrr! Why can't I remember anything?!"

I moved towards the sound but I only had to walk a short distance from where I was once sitting a moment ago. An old record player from what looked like the early 1920's-1930's had materialized a few paces away. When did this get here? How did this get here? And how did whoever, or whatever, put this here know that I loved piano music?

This is getting freakier and freakier by the minute.

I inspect the record player to see if it will provide me with some kind of clue to my whereabouts or the mysterious girl who continues to fill my thoughts; but I found nothing. Turning around to go back to the chair I glimpse a small, dark, and menacing shadow dart behind it. I jump a little. Afraid of a shadow? So not cool.

I decide to check it out and see what I was so "afraid" of a moment ago, but when I peak behind the chair, there was no one. "R-right... Like I s-said before. Nothing to be afraid of...."

What was going on around here? Where was I? And what the hell is in here with me?


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