Chapter Twenty-Five: A Revolation's Beginning

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I stood there with my head in my hands. My messy bangs swaying over my face as I slowly shook my head back and forth.

M-my dad... In love with Maka's mom?! And I never knew about it?! Maka and I are probably about the same age, right? I just turned 17 last month, so she must be close. That would mean my dad gave up on Kami when she married Spirit, like Demon said, about... - I started finger counting - ... 14 years ago.

A memory flashes in my mind of a huge get together planned for the Old Death Scythe for his bachelor's party; a major rumor had gone around, (which turned out to be mostly true), that he was getting married because he had a 3 year old daughter with the bride-to-be and his parents didn't approve that they hadn't gotten hitched yet.

"Maka..." I was going to ask her how old she was but all that came out of my mouth was a strangled attempt at her name. I don't even know what I would have said to her after she told me.

'So my dad had a thing for your mom! Heh. That's funny. I guess the attraction between our families doesn't fall too far from the tree. Heh, heh...'


Wait, huh?! Why would I even consider saying something uncool like that?! Oh my Shinigami! I forced the uncool thoughts out of my mind and closed my eyes shut, steadying my breathing and still holding my head in one hand.

Ok. Ok. I need to calm down. Freaking out is so not cool.

I collected my thoughts and focused strictly on the rhythm of my breathing, which was getting more and more difficult by the second. The oxygen felt as if it was rapidly thinning each time Demon opened his annoyingly big mouth. Eventually I felt a bit better. Still shocked, but... I had regained most of my cool composure.

"Now, Maka. Would you like to hear your hint?" My head snapped up at Demon's piercing voice.

I twisted my head in Maka's direction and I saw that her emerald eyes looked far off and distant, but her expression seemed relaxed and unbothered. This girl just keeps getting weirder. But, somehow, I feel like she's hiding her real emotions... But why would I feel that?

Almost instinctively, I reach out and lightly grab her small hand which was, surprisingly, trembling lightly. I gently squeezed it once. I didn't give myself time to think about what I just did because I knew that I'd just psych myself out about it again. I kept watching her face, the whole time worrying about what it was that was going on in that ashy blonde head of hers.

"Well?" The little demon asked, sounding aggravatingly impatient. I peered at him through the corners of my eyes and growled menacingly which made his eyes grow a bit and his lips to clamp shut.

He raised his arms defensively and closed his eyes, lifting his eyebrows. "I only wanted her to answer, that's all." He lowered his hands and squinted at me with a nasty smirk plastered on his face. I grimaced at him but ultimately turned my attention back to Maka's blank stare.

"Maka...?" I called to her, hoping she would come back to us, but there was no answer to be heard. "Maka, please. I'm right here for you. I'm surprised too, but you gotta stay with me, okay?" I felt like I was trying to pull her from the brink of insanity when I was the one who was falling over the edge.

She's always been strong. I wish she would lean on me sometimes... Like now.

"Ah hah!" I looked over at Demon quickly, a little startled that he suddenly yelled out while pointing a gangly finger towards my face.

"What?" I watched him, furrowing my eyebrows in a frown. "What you were just musing about a moment ago, my dear, Soul! Hee! Hee! You're getting closer to finding everything you're looking for! I can feel it!" I watched as Demon hopped up and down, from one scrawny leg to the other, in excitement. It looked like he was dancing on hot coals.

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