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Soul x Maka: Don't Leave Me Here [COMPLETED] by flyingmykaito
Soul x Maka: Don't Leave Me Here [ pick ur head up, queen
(So this is my first fanfic, but it's gonna be really short. If you want more just say so) Just read it and tell me what you think :)
Lost in You (Soul x Maka) by emilyannabo
Lost in You (Soul x Maka)by Emily
Maka and Soul finally tell each other how they really feel about each other
Then and Now by uniqueoutsider
Then and Nowby uniqueoutsider
Taking place after the manga, Maka has lived the next five years by herself, Soul and the rest of the gang is gone. During this time she was made some life changing deci...
My protector.  by Everett_bluboy
My protector. by Everett the homo
They've always tried to protect each other in battle. One more than the other most of the time. But how could you blame him? It is his job after all, being a weapon. In...
Soul Eater One-Shots by FvkUps
Soul Eater One-Shotsby Daddy Sasori~
One-Shots for Soul Eater. (Shippings will include all of them) This is my break from my Soul Eater FanFic: Switch. If you haven't read it, check it out please. ^_^ Based...
SoMa One-Shots by xxllNobodyllxx
SoMa One-Shotsby Maka Evans
Soul and Maka one-shots Every story is diffrent form the last, but the thing binding them all is the love intrest they share. Soul x Maka Open to request .-. anytime
Death the Kid x Reader by middlejack20
Death the Kid x Readerby Cassandra
You know the usual. Your running from the past. Taking shelter at the DWMA. Befriending people you really shouldn't. Falling in love with someone you didn't expect. I do...
Your Soul Belongs to Me (Soul & Maka) by Lonely_Lover74
Your Soul Belongs to Me (Soul & Lonely_Lover74
Maka needs Soul, more now than ever. If he helps her it will change their relationship forever, but of course he will, he will do anything for his Meister. Wouldn't he? ...
U͟͞n͟͞b͟͞e͟͞a͟͞r͟͞a͟͞b͟͞l͟͞e͟͞ I͟͞n͟͞s͟͞a͟͞n͟͞i͟͞t͟͞y͟͞ [Book One] {FINISHED} by VuDejas
U͟͞n͟͞b͟͞e͟͞a͟͞r͟͞a͟͞b͟͞l͟͞e͟͞ I͟͞ 𝔊𝔯𝔦𝔤𝔬𝔯𝔦
The battle with Asura is over. Maka did it; she defeated him. She defeated the Kishin with bravery. After the deadly battle, Maka and her gang are brought into the infir...
An Unexpected Twist by FateIsFallen
An Unexpected Twistby Bri West
Maka, a new student at Cypress High, meets oh-so-popular Soul Evans and his gang on the first day. Soul stands up for Maka when BlackStar messes with her and things take...
A Resonance of Love by munchingskytatotwo
A Resonance of Loveby munchingskytatotwo
One day during a resonance class Maka felt a disturbance in Soul's soul. Soul has been acting weird but whenever he is gone she gets a pain in her chest. Will they ever...
Maka and Soul ~ A new Madness by wolfgirl279
Maka and Soul ~ A new Madnessby Izzy
Maka and Soul may have defeated the Kishin, but something still lurks in the madness left behind. Maka who is left with startling dreams every night, and Soul who is det...
After the Party (Kid x Maka) by kammykam1001
After the Party (Kid x Maka)by KAM
it's the DWMA's anniversary, and the party is being trashed. Kid is getting stressed out and leaves to get a breath of fresh air. Maka goes to check on him, and he final...
Torture of the Soul (SoulxMaka) by Danolminecraft
Torture of the Soul (SoulxMaka)by BaneOfHeroes
While on a mission, Soul and Maka are kidnapped by Arachne and tortured to get information.
Say Something (Maka x Soul) by MooMooJuice
Say Something (Maka x Soul)by MooMooJuice
Soul finds Maka's diary mysteriously on his bed with some...interesting confessions.
Life in Soul Eater (an X Reader fanfic) by GivenYouTheStars
Life in Soul Eater (an X Reader CasualExistentialCrisis
An X Reader fanfic about the reader's adventure in Soul Eater. This is a Death the Kid X Reader, Soul X Maka and Black Star X Tsubaki fanfic with some Marie X Stein in i...
Holidaze by devilishydelirious
Holidazeby Gia
Crona is the sweet, hard-working employee of hotel Matto. Kid is the perfectionist son of Death himself. When they meet sparks fly but what happens when Kid finds out th...
SoulxMaka by SoulxMaka_Forever
SoulxMakaby SoulEater_Ships
"You won't loose me. If you go, I go. If you stay, I stay. You know why? Because I love you Maka Albarn. And I always will."
When She Returned- Soul Eater Fanfiction by CielsKuroButler
When She Returned- Soul Eater CielsKuroButler
After the fall of Asura (Anime version), everyone is dealing with many situations in different ways: Old memories from his past haunt Death Scythe, Spirit Albarn; The...
BLACK BLOOD by AnimeLover_007
Soul & Maka battle against the black blood and the demon that lives within the madness.