Chapter Fourteen: Strange Stranger

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Did I really just say that I thought our soul resonation was amazing?! Out loud?! Oh my Shinigami! Filter, where are you?!

"Pffffft. Whaaaat? Did I say amazing? Heh, I distinctly remember saying that it was 'actually kind of a - maze
... ting!'" I quickly put my hand underneath my chin and gave him the princess smile. Hopefully he buys that.... Oh who am I kidding? A bunny on crack wouldn't buy that load of crap.

"Uh, you know, a maze... Hard to find your way through and uh... And of course I wouldn't say that it was amazing! I mean, I guess I would say it was good. I mean not good, professional! I mean it was more than professional - not to say that you're not professional! Because I'm sure you are - Ah-"

I took a clumsy step backwards. Why is he getting so close to me? And what's with that creepy grin on his face? He better not be trying anything! He promised!

Soul came closer and closer to me until I was backed up against the wall of his living room, ten feet from the door. He looked at me with a devilish smirk and leaned his head down.

Oh my Shinigami! Is he going to kiss me?! Huh? Instead, he stopped midway to my mouth and smirked. "Wha...?" "Hmhm." Soul chuckled softly and tilted his head to the side so his mouth was right next to my ear. His soft breath was intoxicating. I could barely concentrate on what he was saying.

I heard a discerning laugh and focused back onto the present. "-was pretty amazing. Professional? No." His grin turned into a frown for a moment but became an even more disconcerting smile. "No, there was nothing professional about it. At least, not on my part." His eyes grew the darkest hue of blood red that I'd ever seen in my short span of life. They reflected a hint of madness and they frightened me to no end.

I was stuck in his horrifying gaze like a deer in headlights and I began to shake, my knees chattering like a Parkinson's diseased cricket. I was unable to move, as if some kind of magic invisible string had been cast over my being, paralyzing me from the neck down.

Hmm... Where has that happened before? Huh. Deja vu. Oh well. That's not important right now! Focus, Maka!

"Maka..." he breathed, squinting slightly and looking me over with a hunger in his eyes. I was now completely pressed up against the wall and he had ceased to come closer, though there was only about an inch or two of space left between our bodies. He licked his lips suggestively and raised his arm suddenly, placing his right hand onto the wall just a few inches from my face; causing a loud but short smacking noise, seemingly making me flinch. I gasped lightly.

"What's wrong?" Soul leaned his head forward to breath the poisonous words onto my bare neck. "Your eyes look like you just saw a full-blown Kishin or something." His grin broadened showing two full rows of glittery, white, shark-like teeth, placed ever so delicately and precisely in his mouth.

I parted my lips to speak but all that came out was air and a few stutters. This boy looked dangerous. Much different then the boy I had come to be acquainted with. I forced sound to come but it didn't help much.

"A-u-... Yu-wa-..." Just a bunch of ridiculous and convoluted stutters. That was really gonna help my case. I stared into the abysses of his once alluring eyes.

How is it possible that they could change so rapidly from a beautiful soft and bright rouge to a dark and eery shade of blood?

The unnatural change baffled me to an incredulous degree and the confusion from the situation and the quick transition of atmosphere and scenario added to my growing fear.

"Heh," he breathed, bringing his head back up to look me in the eyes and lifted one side of his mouth into a smile, causing it to look lopsided. I never looked away from his eyes. "I can see your fear. Heh, heh." He chuckled again and looked at me like I was some sort of prey; but I never left his gaze.

"O-Oi... Oi. Are you just gonna stand there like a frightened little girl, or are you going to make this interesting for me?" He scowled, seemingly getting more bored and frustrated by the minute just watching me stand there like a statue. "Hey! Maka! Are you there?! Answer me when I'm talking to you, Maka!" I cleared my throat quietly and opened my mouth again. This time it worked.

"How are you able to change your eyes?" He took a step back, surprised at my odd question and the fact that I had responded so suddenly without warning. He looked at me in puzzlement.

"W-what? W-what do you mean 'change my eyes'? They're exactly the same as before," he yelled back. I looked at him questioningly. How could this boy be so oblivious to such a massive difference?

"No. They're not."

"Don't screw around with me, Maka! You're just trying to change the subject and get me off focus!" He took a step forward again closing the space we had between us. I stepped forward as well, finally able to utilize my body once again, which caused him to blush and stumble back a couple of steps. But I didn't stop there. I walked forward making Soul step back and put himself in the same situation that he had put me in just a minute ago. I'm not about to lose. I never give up a fight. And I don't plan on starting today! His back was up against the wall across from where I had been, and his hands were clenched into tight, quivering fists at his sides.

I guess he can dish it out, but he can't take it in.

"How is it that you are so oblivious to the fact that your eyes have changed from a bright red to a menacing, bloody color? How is it that you are incapable of comprehending that your personality has gone from cool, collected and amiable, to that of a frightening and evil being? How is it?" He looked at me with huge eyes and swallowed down hard.

He was reacting as if I had seen something that I wasn't supposed to. No. That I wasn't allowed to. But I proceeded to grill him on the subjects. I needed answers. And by Shinigami, I was going to get them!

"And what was the alleged 'subject' that was being exchanged between us a few moments ago? And what was I 'un-focusing' you from that was so important that you had to back me into a wall?! What, Soul?! Huh?!"

A tiny pain stung my eyes as petite pricks of water began to surface from them. A trickle of salty liquid rolled down my cheek. I turned my back to him, quickly, to stare at the ground as I started to cry.

I hate crying. It's a sign of weakness. A sniffle and a sad hiccup escaped my lips. I was no longer paying attention to anything Soul was doing. I didn't care. I was scared and upset and I wished to go home.

If only... If only there was a home to go home to.


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