Chapter Nine: Perfect Resonation - Part I

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She looked up at me and I could physically feel myself blushing. Crap! I scratched the back of my head and stood awkwardly in front of her, looking at the hutch that sat beside me. The aggravating nonchalance of the inanimate hutch's ability to sit there, not plagued with the strained feeling in the air. Maybe it's just me.

I leaned back on my heels, grimacing, and shoved my hands into my pockets with a very uncomfortable look on my face.

I continued to stand there, but eventually Maka came over, slowly, gazing up at me with a soft expression painted over her delicate face and oustretching her long arms. "Give me your hands," she demanded in a whisper. I looked down with wonder at this strange girl but carefully did as she told. Gently, almost daze-like, I lifted my hands out from inside of my pockets and held them out for her, all the while never leaving contact with the emeralds that gleamed in her eyes.

She grasped them with a feather-like touch and intertwined her thin fingers through mine. Her hands are so soft, I thought. I gulped in air and her eyelids fluttered shut. As she did so, I emulated her, following her lead. We moved closer until we were within less than an inch from each others' lips. Maka tilted her head so that her forehead rested on mine and I allowed her to do so. It felt... right, for her to do that.

My pulse was quickening with each passing moment that our proximity made itself further known to me.

Maka took a deep breath and quietly uttered: "Let's go. Soul Resonance..." and the floor became a whirlwind, twisting and turning all around us, causing our clothes to ruffle this way and that and our hair to fly in a flurry of movements around our heads.


My eyes snapped open moments later. Complete darkness surrounded me.

It's dark... Where am I? Is this... Maka's Soul Resonance? Our Soul Resonance...? I looked around as I floated there alone in the abyss.

Maka's soul... It's yellow. It fits her personality. "Heh." Fiery, but sensitive; kind, but harsh. Such a color has both a Yin and Yang effect. She has a balance. And... something else... What is it? Courage? Yeah. She's got a lot of that. "Heh. Maka sure is something."

As I said this, I was all but oblivious to my arm outstretching itself to reach out and hug her floating soul.

The moment I wrapped my arms around it and held her close to my heart, I felt a massive weight lift from my shoulders and I instantly knew that we were a perfect match. But I knew I must be mistaken because I vowed that I would never let that happen for me. Yet, I couldn't keep myself from asking the one pointed question that kept stabbing at my curious brain. Does she feel this too? I wonder...

"Maka..." I whispered her name softly. I forced myself to stop and listen to my head. There's no way that we could be a perfect match. What am I thinking? Stop getting your hopes up just to get them bashed to the ground.

Furrowing my eyebrows and frowning, upset with the whole situation, I push her soul away carefully, making sure not to push too hard, and just sit there, treading air in the murky darkness, holding my arms and telling myself that it was no use to hope, and that I would never accept a partner.

That just can't happen.


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