Chapter Seven

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Fight or flight. Two choices, one to stand firm and face reality and fear head on, and bull wrestle it to the ground using everything you had, every fiber of your being to fight. Or to turn and flee, to run from everything, to finally feel free.

Of the two, Sophie chose the latter, and ran. She'd never seen all of Havenfield and she knew it was unimaginably massive. She took flight over fight. She was tired of having to fight all the time, she wanted to be free. Running with every bit of energy she had she found herself immersed into a fairy tale forest. Wild, untamed, strong, defying nature itself and growing beyond comprehending measurement. It was everything Sophie wasn't... It was free, it was breathing with strength, while she was wheezing and sweating, holding the stitch in her side and feeling like she was suffocating.

Teeming with unknown life forms, swarming with wild air, and energy buzzed about. Sophie found herself hopelessly lost in the forest and she couldn't find it in herself to try and find her way back. Breathing in the sharp sense of a wild breeze carrying freedom and energy with it. Sophie looked at the wondrous forest. But she heard it, it was just the low soothing tone...calm and gentle, sweet and caring. The snorts that were as familiar to Sophie as her own eyes.

The breeze carried two words over to Sophie's ears in the eerily familiar voice. "Glitter Butt." Sophie didn't hesitate before running straight after the wind. Listening to the sound of the soothing tones. Silveny was snorting with pleasure as her mind was on the mantra of "Keefe! Keefe! Keefe! Glitter Butt! Keefe! Keefe! Keefe! Sophie?" Sophie was sure she wasn't seeing with her own eyes. Keefe stood before her, in the Neverseen cloak the eye on it never blinking but never seeing. His hood was pulled back revealing his carefully messed hair, but his eyes were hard. Making, Silveny shy away not only that, two fully cloaked Neverseen stood farther behind Keefe, holding coils of rope...just like Keefe.

Sophie ran, instead of running from the fight she was running to it. She was flying to the fight. Jumping over a massive root Sophie spotted the bright coat of Silveny through the thick tangled vines, and there was Keefe. Standing in a beam of sunlight. In his hands was a coil of rope, at one end was a loop to place around Silveny's neck. Silveny was pawing the ground nervously as she would walk a couple of steps towards Keefe before shying away, snorting. As if wanting to believe Keefe's tone was sincere, but his cold eyes said different. Rage tugged at Sophie's gut as she launched into sight. "NO!" She screamed, making Silveny let out a squeal. "Fly away!" Sophie shouted her memories coming in a massive wave, as Silveny watched Keefe's betrayal through Sophie's own eyes.

Silveny snapped at Keefe. "Fly now Silveny. Go to Greyfell. Protect the baby." Silveny didn't have to be told twice as she reared up on her hind legs, the other two Neverseen started twirling their lassos. Keefe stood frozen in place, as Silveny's sharp hooves kicked dangerously close to him. Sophie ran and shoved him away from Silveny with such force that he fell back. "Go Silveny." Sophie demanded as she put her hands out, calling on her rage. Silveny snorted. "Don't let the stupid horse get away." Shouted the Neverseen, his hood falling off, making Sophie's gut wrench tight. Alvar. Keefe seemed to recover and quickly stood up recollecting his rope. Sophie felt Silveny's terror practically vibrating off of her in waves.

Silveny turned and ran as Alvar tossed the lasso. The other Neverseen cursed ruthlessly as his own hood fell back and he tossed his lasso. But instead of at Silveny who had already taken to the sky, it wrapped around Sophie's hand jerking her forward. "We got the Moonlark." Ruy snapped as a shield wrapped around himself, Alvar and encased Keefe. Sophie stood up glaring, if looks could of killed she knew Ruy's body wouldn't be found, Alvar might have a funeral of sorts and Keefe...Keefe.

Sophie glared so hard at him that his eyes lowered and he coward away from her. She'd deal with him later. "You step out of that protection field of yours, all three of you will be squirming like worms on a hook." Sophie growled, her rage overflowing as her inflicting surrounding both shields, looking for the smallest of weakness...the smallest chinks in Ruy's shield that she could tear at, clawing way through, but Ruy was strong. He was powerful but he was frowning deeply. "As far as I'm concerned." Sophie said wrapping her hand around the rope, instead of removing it. "As soon as I see you...any of you without this little shield I'll destroy you beyond recognition." Maybe not Keefe... "Let's see what you got!" Sophie yanked the rope so hard Ruy was jerked forward. His hand had been wrapped around his wrist, and Sophie heard a sickening crack as he slammed against his own shield. Pulling taunt on the rope so Ruy couldn't move from the smooshed position.

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