Chapter Two

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"Dex!" Sophie shouted, as her hair was now brown. "Oops." Dex laughed as his own hair turned brown, "Hurry up before it sets." Sophie said as she felt her eyes sting for a moment as her eyes turned blue.

Dex was rushing through elixirs as he tried to find one to undo the mistake. His periwinkle eyes turning ocean blue. Sophie's imparter vibrated in her pocket, fishing it out she groaned. "Hurry up Dex! I can't go home like this. I'll get grounded again." Only yesterday Sophie had been released from her punishment. "I can't find it." Dex mumbled as the glass bottles tinkled as he searched his shelves. The golden words on Sophie's imparter glowed,

Time to come home.
~ Edaline.

Sophie felt the color setting into the roots of her hair. "Oh come on." She cried as Dex froze, he could feel his own roots tingling. "Sorry Sophie." Dex said sheepishly. "Well at least I'm not alone." Dex winced as he rubbed a hand through his hair. "Yeah... I'm so grounded."

"Me too." Sophie sighed. "Maybe if I go over I can explain." Dex offered. "No it's fine." Sophie said as she picked up her school bag, where completed homework was stuffed in it. "I'll see you at school Dex." She said as she held up her home crystal.

Grady spotted her first, as Edaline was washing her hands, Grady sat at the kitchen table. Nearly spewing coffee, Grady coughed, "It was an accident I swear!" Sophie proclaimed as Edaline's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "I was trying to help Dex with his homework, and I messed up the elixir and..." Sophie dropped her head as she trailed off. Silence hung thick in the air, before Grady broke it. Letting out a stuttering scoff he burst out laughing. Edaline joined. Sophie looked up at her adoptive parents. "It's okay Sophie... I guess that's your own punishment." Edaline laughed. Sighing Sophie went to her room to wash up.

That night Sophie stared at herself in the mirror. She was far enough from it so that Vertina wouldn't bother her. She looked so...elf like. Her brown hair was silky soft and spiraled around her shoulders. Her eyes was the biggest distraction. Dark blue eyes reminded her so much of the ocean. Like pieces of sapphire captured into her eyes. She was...beautiful. Strangely enough she liked the brown hair, not because it was so gorgeous -that was just a plus- it reminded her of her human family. She just needed green eyes and she would have looked like her human family...though she may have been slimmer and tall, she would look like her human family. Snatching her imparter she sent Dex a message.

Can you come over tomorrow?

His reply was almost instant.


She responded.

Bring a elixir that will change my eyes emerald green.

Though confused Dex agreed. Sophie found her scrap book. She hadn't opened it in such a long time, partly because of how painful her heart spasmed when she saw her family and another part was because of the nightmares she used to have, and lastly she never found enough alone time to do so.

Opening the scrap book, Sophie smiled. The first page was when she had turned twelve..or thirteen.
Dad was on her right, Mom on her left and Amy behind her, leaning on her chair. The camera had a timer and they had squished around Sophie and her cake which had twelve candles burning.
Sophie distinctly remembered her mom thinking 'My girl is growing up.' Amy had been thinking about the cake and Dad had thought 'My Soybean, you're growing up to become such a beautiful young woman.' After the picture had been taken he had said so too.

Around the picture four notes were placed. One from each of the Fosters. Amy's note made Sophie laugh, it was a simples note that any sister would understand.

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