Chapter Sixteen

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Sophie Elizabeth Foster. The Moonlark, was going to fight. Sophie had to protect her home. She had no choice but to protect her home.

The home that is no longer a home, to trigger and to figure.

That's what the Black Swan had said about Sophie. But something felt off about the note. Sure it rymthed and it was as cryptic as ever but something just wasn't right. Why go to her old home? Why not a hide out? And to figure what? And trigger? She couldn't have another ability she was still trying to control her other ones.

Sophie's body burned and ached as she pulled her knees up to her chest. Even if she did leave..where would she go? What would she do? How did she know who was good and who was bad? Did she even have a right to judge who was right and who was wrong? Sophie felt like in her mind the right and wrong lines were blurring, the line between health and sickness had blurred, the lines she had set for herself were blurred...everything was blurry...and turning.


"She refused to stay inside."

"I told you she needed to rest for a few days. She can't leave the house."


"How much water did she drink?"

"Three bottles."

"Did she want more?"

Elwin and Edaline. Sophie's eyes felt heavy and she felt exhausted in every way. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Everything felt heavy but she managed to speak. "Yes."

"Sophie Foster, don't you understand personal health?" Elwin scolded as Sophie felt his presence beside her. "Water..." She begged. Elwin sighed. "I was afraid of that."

"What? She'll be okay right?" Edaline sounded frantic. Elwin didn't answer, "Sophie I need you to open your eyes. Now." Sophie groaned in protest. She didn't want to open her eyes. "I'll peel them open if I have to." Elwin threatened. Sophie managed to open her eyes before snapping them shut, wincing. Elwin grumbled under his breath as he rummaged in his bag. "Do you want a sedative?" He asked. "Also Edaline I'm going to need a lot of water."

Sophie was tempted...beyond tempted to take a sedative, but she remembered... Every painful memory. "No sedatives." She mumbled. Elwin sighed deeply. Another voice joined the conversation. That silky smooth voice, "Sophie..." Fitz took her hand and she managed to open her eyes she met that blue that she could sink into. "I'm... I'm right here." Fitz transmitted. "What's going to happen to me?" Sophie asked him.

Fitz asked Elwin, and Elwin spoke. "Well she's going to have to flush out her system, it don't be as painful as last time but it'll still hurt." Sophie wrapped her finger's around Fitz's hand, she let her eyes drift close. "I'm going to be okay right?"

"Of course. Don't you ever think differently."


"What is it?"

"I..." Sophie trailed off...could she admit it to another living being? "I'm scared." She transmitted. If she couldn't trust Fitz, who else was there? Fitz's hand brushed her face. "Don't be. I won't let anything happen to you...remember I'm here."

"Do you ever get scared Fitz?"


Sophie felt better that Fitz was scared too. That he wasn't the invincible golden boy. He still got scared, she wasn't the only one. That comforted her, she gave Fitz a weak smile. "Alright everyone...I'm going to need you to leave the room." Elwin said. "Maybe I could help..." Keefe's voice sounded. "The only one who can help right now is me. I'm keeping Sophie stable and calm, I'll also be able to help her push through the pain." Fitz said. Sophie groaned. "I'll be okay. You can all leave." She transmitted to Fitz.
"That's not happening Sophie." Fitz said out loud, his hand resting on Sophie's cheek. Had Sophie not been in pain she would of blushed to the roots of her hair.

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